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The benefits of physical exercises for the quality of life of women

Sagging, lack of disposition, excess localized fat are some of the most common complaints among us women. Much more than dissatisfaction with physical appearance, health care is high on almost everyone’s New Year’s resolution list. But how it is possible to transform consciousness into attitude and what are the main physical activities for all styles is today’s subject.

Physical exercise, healthy eating and emotional balance are three areas that every woman should prioritize in order to live better. In addition, the above combination is possibly the best weapon to prevent disease and thus guarantee longevity. The Women’s Health column has provided you, dear reader, with the opportunity to review your knowledge to strengthen your decisions regarding your lifestyle.

The more knowledge we have about health, the greater the chances of making better choices that will affect our entire lives. Have you ever reflected that at birth you were given a body, a mind and a lifetime to manage what you received from life? This means that at the end of your journey, everything you consumed will have repercussions at the end of your life. Whether through food, or what you consume using the senses such as: reading, music, social networks, TV, newspapers, the body absorbs and multiplies everything and any message that generates a short, medium and long term result.

A simple example is exposure to the sun. Studies claim that the sun we receive between birth to eighteen years old has consequences on the skin throughout life. That’s why it’s so important to prevent skin cancer through protection against ultraviolet rays.

In the same way it is possible to avoid several diseases in addition to promoting much more disposition and physical and mental well-being through physical exercises. If you follow the Women’s Health column, you have previously learned about the risks of diseases related to a sedentary lifestyle or lack of preventive care.

But how to get out of the risk zone for a healthy and active lifestyle through activities for each stage of a woman’s life?


During this phase several changes took place in the woman’s body. The onset of puberty is marked by both the appearance of breasts, hair and the beginning of the first menstrual cycle.

In addition to dealing with the increase in hormones and body changes, many girls complain of low self-esteem mainly because of the external pressure when comparing themselves to other girls.

As it is very common to gain weight during this phase, it is important for parents to help teenagers so that they can feel supported and safe to share their doubts and crises typical of this phase.

That is why it is necessary to receive guidance from the pediatrician who can recommend which activities and physical exercises so as not to harm the development and still be able to contribute to the strengthening of both the body and self-esteem.


It is a fact that we women live overloaded due to so many commitments and responsibilities and also because of our own demands. We can hardly find a little free time to take care of our body, but it is always possible. Studies demonstrate the health benefits for those who exercise regularly.

The list of health benefits for women who exercise is endless, and today we are going to cover 6 of the top benefits.

1. Fighting depression – when doing aerobic exercises such as swimming, running, dancing, and even walking, the body produces endorphins, a hormone that is responsible for controlling emotions because it produces feelings of satisfaction and happiness.

2. Reduces the risk of colon cancer – studies point out that women who practice physical exercises decrease up to 50% the chance of developing colon cancer that affects more than 20 thousand women per year in Brazil.

3. Helps control blood pressure – another benefit of exercise is the control of hypertension, as well as possible cardiovascular disease.

4. Helps relieve menopausal symptoms – helps to reduce the famous hot flashes, also known as “hot flushes”, in addition to helping irritability. It is also an excellent ally in preventing osteoporosis and strengthening muscles and increasing lean mass.

5. Improves libido – studies carried out by the University of Indiana in the United States have revealed that female orgasm can be one of the benefits for women who exercise regularly. One of the reasons would be the increase in the blood flow of the body, which provides a greater chance of pleasure at the time of sexual intercourse, in addition to helping to strengthen the vaginal muscles.

6. Regularizes sleep – exercising helps to regulate sleep, and contributes to the possibility of achieving deep sleep, which is very necessary so that the brain can really rest and restore energy for the next day.

The next time you think about overcoming laziness, try to reevaluate your lifestyle and add exercise to your daily routine.

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