Woman killed by ex-husband lived in hiding in SP and had nightmare about crime


Victim of femicide this Monday, 12, fortune teller Michelli Nicolich, 37, lived hidden from her ex-partner, medical student Ezequiel Lemos Ramos, 38, in a house in the region of São Mateus, in the east side. from Sao Paulo. Days before the crime, she would have had a nightmare that she would be murdered by him. According to the family, Michelli had been under tension since May this year, when she separated and left Ponta Porã, in Mato Grosso do Sul, to live with her two children in the capital of São Paulo.

The woman had protective measures against Ezekiel. Even so, preliminary investigations indicate that he set an ambush outside his children’s school, in Parque São Rafael, east side, and shot dozens of times when the woman’s car, a white Fiat Uno, passed. Affected, Michelli and her youngest son, 2 years old, were rescued, but could not resist. The oldest, aged 4, was not injured.

“She was living in hiding from him. She didn’t reveal (address), she lived in a very hidden place and that only the family knew where she was ”, tells Estadão one of Michelli’s three brothers, independent salesman Jacques Nicolich, 38 years old. “So much so that he picked up (found) her at school, he must have found out by name, by the children’s register.”

Ezequiel was a medical student in Pedro Juan Caballero, Paraguay, and lived with Michelli and their two children for a few years in Ponta Porã, a city in Mato Grosso do Sul that borders the neighboring country. “There, she discovered that he was accessing a dating site and that he had made a deposit of R$1,000 in the name of a woman. She found out and wanted to know who this woman was”, says Jacques. The episode took place in May.

Jacques reports, when confronted, that Ezequiel lost control and went after Michelli. “When she ran to the bedroom – he was a gun collector, he ran to get a gun – she ran out into the street and called the police. The police managed to catch him,” she says. According to the incident report registered in May, Michelli reported that Ezequiel wanted to kick her out of the house and threatened to kill her, “cocking the gun to her head”.

According to delegate Thatiana Isabela Colombo, from the Police Station for Assistance to Women in Ponta Porã, Ezequiel was arrested in the act for carrying ammunition without proof of regularity – despite, at the time, having presented a CAC record (a group that includes hunters, shooters and collectors). ) – and protective measures were granted against him thereafter.

Since May, Ezequiel has been prohibited from approaching Michelli, her family and witnesses, and must remain at a minimum distance of 200 meters; to maintain contact with the victim by any means of communication; and to remain in the cohabitation home with his ex-wife. The following month, despite the measures still in effect, he was granted provisional release.


After the episode, Michelli moved with her children from Ponta Porã to São Paulo and began to live under tension. “She was running away from him, since May there was this tension”, says Jacques. As an alternative, the accused went on to try to contact her family members. “He texted me on his fake profiles as I couldn’t text her. Then he created fake profiles and kept trying to get closer to her again, talking about the children, to get back together with him”, he says. “He even sent me a photo of the weapons registration to say that he didn’t have to be arrested.”

According to the victim’s brother, Michelli and Ezequiel never saw each other after the split. On the last Father’s Day, even so, she sent, through intermediaries, the children so that the father could see them again. The Civil Police of São Paulo reported that the accused reported that he had been living in Carapicuíba, in Greater São Paulo, for some time.


The police also reported that, as a motivation for the crime, Ezequiel pointed to a possible financial disagreement. “He says he was having an issue with her over money they should have split. And he said that she wouldn’t be letting him see the children either”, says delegate Leandro Resende Rangel, head of the 49th Police District (São Mateus). The amount would be R$ 70 thousand.

The family denies. “She came to São Paulo with a joint account worth R$50,000. She started to rent a house, put the children in day care with that money, didn’t charge him alimony, ”says Jacques. “He used to say that this money was his, but it was for his children. To eat, buy clothes, study, do these little things. It wasn’t even for her that money.”


This Wednesday, the 14th, Jacques published on social media a print of a WhatsApp message sent by Michelli to herself on the 9th, saying that she had dreamed that she would be murdered.

“My God, I had a strange dream,” reads the writing. “I dreamed that I died, I was shot in the face by Ezequiel”, he continues. “Then I blacked out and said it can’t be true, it can only be a dream I have to wake up it’s not real”.

TV program

Jacques says he was watching a TV show when he heard about the murder. “I was watching Datena’s program (on the Band), and I hadn’t even realized it was her. My mother who called me, since the police officers there from the forensics called her, my father. Then my mom called me,” he says.

“I was seeing her car, but it hadn’t even crossed my mind. She had recently bought that car, paid R$5,000, to do her little things and to take the children to school.”

‘Politics fanatic’

According to the victim’s brother, Ezequiel alternated between moods a lot and was known for being “a fanatical guy about politics”. “I really liked the PT, Lula”, he says. In images shared on the networks, the accused even appears with a tattoo of the former president on one of his arms. According to the victim’s brother, the image is true.

In a note published on the official website, the PT stated, through the party’s president, Gleisi Hoffmann, that “the encouragement of violence and the liberation, by the federal government, of the purchase, possession and carrying of weapons are at the root of crimes and tragedies”. like the one that took place yesterday at Parque São Rafael, in São Paulo. The PT stands in solidarity with the victims’ families”.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) also spoke on the topic on social media. “Criminals like the one who murdered his ex-wife and son in São Paulo should be treated as criminals, period,” he said.


The burial of Michelli and her youngest son, said Jacques, took place around 3 pm this Tuesday, 13, at the Horto da Paz Cemetery, in Itapecerica da Serra. “Was hard. That gun he used, when he shoots, there’s a lot of projectile in the body”, says Michelli’s brother, in reference to the carbine used in the crime.

Still, the burial could be done with open coffins. “My mother just cries, we are all shaken. We lost part of ourselves too.”

“At the moment, we want strength, we want this chest anguish to go away, but the important thing is that he is trapped. If he was free, we would still have to run away from him, leave our homes, leave our lives to run away from him. A person who commits such an atrocity does not deserve to be in the midst of society”, says Jacques.

Delegate who registered the case, Leandro Resende Rangel said that he would give the family a moment of mourning before taking the testimonies.

After being arrested, Ezequiel was taken to the 49th Police District (São Mateus), where the police report was registered. Subsequently, the case went to the 55th Police District (Parque São Rafael), where investigations are ongoing.

The Court of Justice of the State of São Paulo (TJ-SP) reported that, in a custody hearing held on Tuesday afternoon, 13. at the Criminal Forum Minister Mário Guimarães, Ezequiel Lemos Ramos was arrested in flagrante delicto converted into preventive. The conversion had been requested by the Civil Police of São Paulo. The report did not locate Ezequiel’s defense.

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