Truths you need to know about Anitta’s ‘tororó’


Tense elections in Brazil, endless war in Ukraine, climate crisis ‘roasting’ Europe, China nervous about Taiwan, extreme right getting stronger again in the United States… and will this blog address Anitta’s ‘torroró’?

Yes, dear reader. Do you think it’s the height of futility? Is not. We need to dig deeper into this topic.

At first, the singer’s insistence on citing her anal zone seems like mere overexposure of intimacy.

Leaving aside the jocular view, a relevant issue arises that is little discussed in the press and in people’s daily lives.

Anitta is not ashamed to speak openly about the anal region

Photo: Playback/Instagram

Tattoo — The ‘tororó’ soap opera began when Anitta revealed having had a tattoo right there. There was a tsunami of criticism. She was called vulgar and exhibitionist. The old machismo.

In fact, the word ‘love’ is engraved half an inch above. Ufa! Believe me: 0.5 cm makes a difference. Ah, another piece of information: Anitta didn’t run out of panties during the procedure. She used a dental floss.

Do you think that only the funkeira dared so much? Other celebrities also got tattooed in that region. Among them, fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa, former paquita Cátia Paganote, model Amanda Souza and former Miss Butt Suzy Cortez.

Many Anonymous (men, women and non-binary) have ‘secret tattoo’ on their penis, vagina and anus. It’s much more common than you might think.

By talking openly about the topic and raising public discussion, Anitta helps to break the taboo. If you want to do it, why not?

The singer admits to liking anal sex, but prefers men not

The singer admits to enjoying anal sex, but prefers men who are not “big”

Photo: Playback/Instagram

‘Forbidden’ pleasure “Historically, women have only recently admitted that they enjoy anal sex. Before, it was a practice associated and ‘allowed’ only to prostitutes and gay men.

To apply novelistic language, ‘a straight woman’ could never use her anus to feel and provide pleasure. Some celebrities have contributed to overturning this stigma.

Who doesn’t remember the national amazement when Sandy made a heartfelt statement about Playboy magazine in 2011? “It is possible to have anal pleasure. Yes, because it is physiological”, said the artist.

Full of nerve endings and abundant blood supply, that area is extremely sensitive. It can produce intense sensations when stimulated externally and internally.

More explicit when verbalizing about her own ‘tororó’ and that of others, Anitta gave tips for women to lose their fear of the practice and increase the chance of feeling pleasure.

“First of all, what I do is clean very well. First we have to do a chuca (washing the rectum). Making sure we are risk-free, with no danger of ‘passing a check’ (expelling feces during the act). And I also always use a lube, because when the little friend comes in, you always get wet,” she said.

More didactic, impossible.

In a photo before the tattoo in 'tororó', Anitta showed that she had a heart on her butt

In a photo before the tattoo in ‘tororó’, Anitta showed that she had a heart on her butt

Photo: Zee Nunes/Vogue/Disclosure

Health — The most recent repercussion involving Anitta’s ‘tororó’ happened when doing a test called biofeeback. A device introduced into the anus generates images on a monitor.

The funkeira made fun of the procedure. “They put a business there in my polemic”, she mocked. “I’m playing video games with the c*”

The patient undergoes sphincter training to better contract and relax the region, and increase muscle control.

Women with endometriosis, like Anitta, can develop pelvic floor problems and inadequate relaxation of the anal area.

The situation experienced by the singer made headlines and spread important information about the health of the anus and rectum, a topic little explored in the media.

In a relaxed way, Anitta makes people think about the health of the ‘tororó’, a part of the body that is often neglected even at the check-up.

Due to shame, prejudice or ignorance, millions of Brazilians have never been to the proctologist, the doctor responsible for the prevention and diagnosis of diseases of the colon, rectum and anus.

Anitta’s famous ‘tororó’, who would say, is at the service of collective well-being.

Anitta helps break the taboo of talking about health and pleasure in the anal region

Anitta helps break the taboo of talking about health and pleasure in the anal region

Photo: Playback/Instagram

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