Treating cancer, Simony does acupuncture against chemo reactions; help? – 09/10/2022


Singer Simony, 46, said on Instagram that she started doing acupuncture sessions to relieve reactions to the treatment for bowel cancer, which she announced last month. “Today we had a session for emotional balance and preparation for the side effects of chemotherapy,” she wrote on the social network.

Acupuncture is part of alternative medicine and, simply put, it is a therapy in which needles are inserted into specific regions of the body.

It is nothing new to treat any discomfort caused by the effects of chemotherapy, especially nausea. The doctor Alexandre Massao Yoshizumi, director of the CMBA (Brazilian Medical College of Acupuncture) says* that nausea is usually the main reason for an oncological patient to resort to traditional Chinese medicine therapy.

According to him, studies have already compared the ability of needles to cut this effect with the action ofndansetronactive ingredient of sublingual tablets that are the pharmaceutical alternative against upset stomach, especially for not causing sleepiness.

Another gain is precisely in the emotional, described in Simony’s message, in addition to:

  • Drug Reduction: not just for nausea, but we’re talking about opioids and anti-inflammatories, especially less side effects of chemo, radium and hormone therapy. In this case, young women who blocked hormones to treat breast tumors, for example, reported fewer hot flashes and other symptoms brought on by early menopause;
  • Appetite improvement: needles help relieve dry mouth, which is often a consequence of treatment.
  • Bowel movement is reestablished faster;
  • Fatigue reductionwhich indirectly helps the treatment.

See the main care during acupuncture

The acupuncturist André Tsai indicates* that it is recommended to seek a specialized health professional, preferably a doctor, who has anatomical knowledge of the body. “He knows how far the needle can go, its inclination and its sizes. That’s because, for each region of the body, a needle size is needed”, he says*.

It is also necessary to pay attention to points such as:

  • The place must have sanitary conditions to perform acupuncture, with adequate disposal for needles and materials that help in the session (cottons, for example);
  • The professional must use disposable and sterile needles.

Tsai reinforces* that this type of procedure cannot be done “anywhere”, as it is invasive. “We cannot, in terms of health surveillance, do it in the backyard, anywhere. We have to cherish the good practices of acupuncture”, he explains.

*With information from the column by Lúcia Helena de 11/15/18 and report published on 10/14/21

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