Those who paid Fies during the pandemic may be entitled to credit, predicts project


Beneficiaries of the Student Financing Fund (FIES) who pay their monthly fees on time may be entitled to a credit of 20% of the amount paid. It is what determines the bill (PL) 2,115/2022, by Senator Rogério Carvalho (PT-SE). The change would occur with the alteration of the Law 10,260, of 2001which provides for Fies financing.

According to the proposal, the benefit will be applied to all installments referring to existing contracts with Fies and paid between March 20, 2020 and December 31, 2021, when the state of emergency caused by the covid-19 pandemic lasted. The rule applies only to students who are up to date with all payments.

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The 20% bonus must be used to amortize the outstanding student loan balance. If the amount of credit granted is greater than the amount of the outstanding balance, the beneficiary may receive the credit in a bank account within 180 days after the eventual publication of the law.

In the justification of the project, Rogério Carvalho recalls that the pandemic caused many students to become unemployed or lose family support due to the death or unemployment of their relatives. Thus, according to the senator, it is important not only to recover the credit of defaulters, but also to recognize the effort of those who paid the Fies installments.

“Public authorities must recognize the sacrifices made to keep students’ debt payments up to date. Otherwise, rewarding only defaulters, ends up encouraging non-payment of non-defaulting contracts”, says Carvalho.

The senator also highlights that the project should “encourage the timely payment of non-performing contracts, reducing the risk of discouraging students who strive to be up to date with their installments, in the face of rebates granted only to delinquent operations.”

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In December 2021, the government edited the provisional measure (MP) 1,090/2021 in order to support Fies beneficiary students who joined the program until the second half of 2017. Sanctioned as Law 14,375, of 2022, the rule allows a reduction of up to 86.5% in the debts of defaulting students. The rule also establishes a 92% discount if the debtor is registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico).

Students with debts overdue and unpaid for more than 90 days on the date of publication of the MP can have a 12% discount on cash payment, or pay the debt in 150 months, with interest and fines waived. When the debt exceeds 360 days, discounts of 86.5% and 92% may apply.

By Mateus Souza, supervised by Dante Accioly

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