“The discussion that matters is where we invest more and how we innovate” – Ribau Esteves

Opening of ‘Aveiro Tech Week’ 2022.
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In a week dominated by the signing of the social consultation agreement, which preceded the delivery of the next State Budget, the mayor of Aveiro pointed out the contribution of the municipal management led by him, understanding that it is an example to be followed by those who govern the country or is in opposition.

Speaking at the opening session of the ‘Aveiro Tech Week’, at the end of the morning, Ribau Esteves (PSD-CDS-PPM), who is serving his third consecutive term in the municipality (the last one allowed), ended with a note of thanks for the support of the European Union (EU) “for so many things it does for us” in its various aspects, “but always with this logic that we have in Aveiro, of having the investment that generates jobs, of generating wealth and trying to help the politicians who govern and those who want to be an alternative”.

“We cannot systematically go through this discussion of who gives more discount to whom, who gives more alimony to whom, who lowers the IRC and the IRS a little more. We are not going there,” said the mayor.

Ribau Esteves defended that “the discussion that matters is where we invest more with public and private resources, how we innovate, how we create more markets, how we create more qualified jobs”. It must be “this is where the resources have to go, which pull everyone up and not the prevailing logic, in which power is disputed by the opposition to see who gives more discounts, this is the wrong way”, he stressed.

“We want to follow the path of those who grow up, for the work of each one, for the ability to generate wealth from the wealth we can give to contribute to being a more capable Country and Europe”, he defended.

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Give visibility to the ‘tech’ “ecosystem” that exists in the city

About another edition of ‘Aveiro Tech Week’, which brings together the events ‘Techdays’ (demonstration of technologies), Criatech and Prisma (the latter related to the use of technologies in terms of creativity and culture), Ribau Esteves underlined the importance of to give visibility to the “ecosystem” that exists in the city, “driven by our main engine, which are private companies, with very important auxiliary engines such as the University of Aveiro, the Telecommunications Institute and humbly the City Council”.

“The week makes sense because it is a yearly, daily work of all partners, so that we can then have this showcase to show others what we do, with a care of communication and stronger intensity”, he explained, recalling that edition of 2022 also serves to “work” the candidacy of Aveiro to the European Capital of Culture, already in an advanced stage to be submitted to the final evaluation.

“It’s a week to realize what we do and we’re doing a lot of things”, he said, pointing out the initiatives of the ‘Aveiro Steam City’ program (school tech labs) of the ‘Living Lab’ or projects for the introduction of electric mobility, as well as as in the areas of environment and energy with several partners who “work here on a daily basis”.

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Direct speech

“From these partnerships we do more and better. The impetus we had in research and innovation is heading towards 50% more in our budget. The applications that we have made allow the region of Aveiro to be at the same level as Braga and Lisbon, the university is involved in 21 projects and will have an incentive of around 50 million euros. Let’s create new courses for new training. This month, the UA will submit an integrated master’s course in medicine for accreditation.” – Artur Silva (vice-rector of the University of Aveiro).

“We are Altice’s innovation headquarters. We employ more than 700 people in the city. Soon we will grow to 850, 900. Here, a series of technology milestones for the world were born, the first fiber network, we invented prepaid, we helped Portugal to be the fourth country to have broadband. Aveiro was the first city to test 5G and we want to apply to have the most advanced environment for partners to test their services.” – Paulo Firmeza (strategy and innovation director at Altice Labs).

“We are very proud of the ‘Aveiro Steam City’ project that allowed us to create a ‘living laboratory’ in the city, the ‘Aveiro Living Lab’, which we keep in operation and which we want to make available to other national and foreign entities that want to take advantage of the infrastructure, contributing to give relevance to the city and develop innovation in the country. I cannot fail to take this opportunity to appeal to the reinforcement of the training of young people in information and communication technologies. ÇAs in 1973, Aveiro’s affirmation as the national telecommunications capital is today once again conditioned by its ability to train highly qualified technical staff that it will need in a decade or two and that will determine the attraction of new investments and new companies. The bet has to be made today” – José Carlos Pedro (President of the Telecommunications Institute).

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