Technique a will help you sleep like a baby


Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for a healthy life. And sleeping problems always end up causing insomnia. Andrew Weil is a specialist in alternative medicine and popularized a breathing technique to help in these cases: the 4-7-8 “It’s another yoga breathing technique,” ​​he explained in one of his videos. Although there is the idea that, in order to sleep, it is enough to turn off an internal switch in the body, in practice it takes a ritual (or routine) for the body to get out of the hustle of the day and understand that it is time to rest. At this point, breathing in a coordinated rhythm, making the mind focus on the inlet and outlet of the air, tends to help.

How to do breathing?
The first guideline, before doing the technique, is to sit with your back straight. While the practice can be done in any position, according to Weil, this is the best one to start with. He then places the tip of his tongue behind the upper incisors, touching the gum tissue. The tongue should remain in that position throughout the practice, with the air flowing around it. The 4-7-8 breath consists of:
◗ Inhale with the nose for four seconds;
◗ Hold your breath for seven seconds;
◗ Breathe out completely
breathe through your mouth, without moving your tongue out of position, for eight seconds.
◗ Repeat the process three more times.

Relaxed feeling to sleep

The exhalation tends to be noisy, but that’s okay, just as there’s nothing wrong if the exact seconds aren’t met. The important thing is to focus on breathing and relaxation.

Text: Mario Rui Santos
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