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In all parts of the state, civil servants joined the “Pink October” campaign. Whether with clothes in the color symbol of the campaign, lighting on the facade or in a conversation circle, the idea was the same: to alert to health care, the importance of early diagnosis and forms of treatment.

in the district of good retreat, in Serra Catarinense, servers and magistrate took the opportunity to celebrate the 91 years of installation, completed last week (24/10) to reinforce the importance of this care. In addition to the cake in celebration of the anniversary with the color of the movement, the Justice employees dressed in pink in order to draw attention to the issue with the jurisdictional. “We unite two major reasons: the anniversary of the region, the only one in the state that is named after a woman, judge Orieta Passos Paulo Mariath, and, the other, to draw their attention to something so fundamental that is our health”, reinforces the head of the forum’s secretariat, Adelita Ribeiro de Souza Bianchini.

Still in the Serra, civil servants from the district of Otacílio Costa wore clothes in the color symbol of the campaign to warn about the disease that kills most women in Brazil. The highest rates are in the Southeast and South. In the South region, in 2020, there were 12.79 deaths per 100,000 women, according to data from the National Cancer Institute (INCA). For this year, more than 66 thousand new cases were estimated, which represents an incidence of 43.74 cases per 100 thousand women.

For eight years, civil servants in the district of São Carlos joined the Pink October campaign. Since then, the color pink predominates in everyone’s look on Fridays in October. The external area of ​​the forum is also dressed in the symbolic color of this period. Special lights are installed as a hug in the building. Fortunately, there is no specific motivation for action. “We organized ourselves like this just to encourage prevention and help raise awareness of the population about the campaign”, says the forum’s head of secretariat, Daniela Feistauer.

In the Midwest, civil servants in the county of New Fields also dressed in pink to remember how essential it is to take care of women’s health. “It’s a simple gesture, but it can alert many people to the disease that affects so many women. Also, that you need to take time to check on your health. Prevention is never too much, and in the case of breast cancer, if discovered early, the chances of cure are not very great”, reinforces the secretary Ademir Ratico.

In the North of the State, the servers of the Finance Forum of Joinville also engaged in the “Pink October” mobilization. On the facade of the building it is possible to see the colors of the campaign with the traditional bow and the entrance hall also has a special decoration. The whole change is to awaken the population about the importance of breast cancer prevention, and that an early diagnosis can save lives. Last week, the campaign colors won hallways and offices, with everyone literally dressed in pink. “The day-to-day routine of work is always very busy. However, at this time, it is important to think about breast cancer prevention, drawing the attention of men and women. Wearing pink is symbolic, but it arouses interest”, highlights judge Anna Finke Suszek, acting director of the Finance Forum of the District of Joinville.

In Barra Velha, also in the North of the State, the civil servants of the region wore the color of the campaign, united in a single objective. “Our idea was to reinforce the importance of breast cancer prevention, in order to make all women aware of self-examination, and how something simple can save lives. We hope that with this campaign, more women seek the necessary help”, highlights the technique. auxiliary judiciary, Bianca Marchi Pires Thought shared by the auxiliary judiciary technician of the 2nd Vara Paola Lombardi, “It is very important to participate in campaigns of this magnitude because awareness of prevention can save lives”, she concludes.

In the Itajaí Valley, the region of ibirama maintained the tradition and this month, in honor of the campaign, it mobilized with special lighting in the forum building in pink. Comarca employees, who are back to face-to-face work, were also invited to wear at least one piece of clothing in pink. This year, the registration of the district building was done with the collaboration of a drone, with photographs and aerial images. In Indaial, servers also wore the pink shirt. At the 1st Civil Court, the team acquired T-shirts from the local Women’s Cancer Fighting Network to collaborate with the campaign and reinforce the importance of prevention.

In itajaí, the district building also changed color during the month of October. The pink lighting, the same color as the bow that symbolizes, worldwide, the fight against this type of cancer, became a hallmark of the campaign. This month (21/10) the social worker of the Center for Penalties and Alternative Measures (CPMA) of Itajaí, Josilane Barbosa, spoke to the servants of the Litoral region. With the theme “Prevention Can Change Your History”, she highlighted the importance of early diagnosis, followed by a special coffee for those present. The external photos of the district building were recorded by the server Fabrício Wloch​.

The Public Treasury Court of san jose, joined Pink October – already known worldwide as a month marked by affirmative actions related to the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer – to promote actions to improve professional relationships, which are as important as personal ones. After all, it’s at least eight hours a day in the work environment. The unit’s actions this month aimed at building the pillars that permeate our professional relationships, such as self-knowledge, empathy, assertiveness, cordiality and ethics.

The servant Geiza Navarro, working in the unit’s office, reveals the inspiration for expanding the scope of October Rosa in the region of Grande Florianópolis. “Pink is known as the most beautiful and perfect color among the flowers of the Saron Valley. Pink is also the color of emotions, affection, understanding, companionship and romance. For this reason, pink symbolizes the union of strength and intelligence, fire and calm, activity and passivity. In other words, pink is associated with sensitivity and virtues,” she explains.

In order to raise awareness about the prevention of breast cancer, the servers that work at the Minister Teori Albino Zavasckida Forum of the newly installed district of Penha, in the North of the State, dressed in the colors of the “Pink October” campaign, in a chain of awareness of early diagnosis. In this last record of participations in the Pink October by the State, we also highlight the Psychosocial sector of the district of Sharkfor the magistrate, the servers and interns of the district of itaiopolis and the district of Dingy who, engaged and wearing the color pink, supported the movement, with the photographic record of the engagement in the campaign.

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