Saspe delivers 272 handkerchiefs to Rede Feminina


The director of the Social Action and Special Projects Service (Saspe), First Lady Larissa Ashiuchi, made official the delivery of 272 handkerchiefs and scarves to the Suzano Women’s Cancer Network. Accompanied by the coordinator of the Popular Legal Promoters (PLPs), Sandra Lopes Nogueira, she confirmed the donation of items that will be destined for women fighting breast and cervical cancer, as part of the actions of the “Pink October” campaign. .

The ceremony was held at the agency’s headquarters, last Monday (11/07), and was attended by the safety technician from Tessin Indústria e Comércio, Vanessa Braga; the creator of the Sou Girassol project, Elisandra Rodrigues; the member of the Women’s Council and one of the PLPs, Shirley Rodrigues; and the president of the Women’s Network to Fight Cancer, Marília Mathias.

In all, 272 handkerchiefs were delivered from partner organizations, all destined by the Suzanne network to the Instituto de Câncer Doutor Arnaldo Vieira de Carvalho. Tessin, the company that created the campaign with Saspe, carried out an internal fundraising campaign with its employees and obtained 160 items, while the Popular Legal Promoters donated 12 items.

In turn, the Sou Girassol project sent 100 handkerchiefs, all acquired in partnership with the Associação Suzanense de Esportes Aquáticos (Asea) during the 1st Walk for the Prevention of Breast and Prostate Cancer, promoted with the support of the City of Suzano in the downtown streets on the penultimate Saturday of October, the 22nd.

According to Vanessa, Tessin is very grateful for contributing to such an important cause. “On behalf of all our employees who have mobilized to help and donate so many scarves, we are grateful for the opportunity to conduct this joint fundraising campaign with the Suzano City Hall,” she said. For Sandra, the action is a task force that will raise the self-esteem of several women.

“The Female Cancer Network is a committed entity that has been with us for a long time, always with partnerships that help women who fight this disease in the best possible way, showing that positivity and joy are the way to win this fight. . The PLPs are very grateful for everything that is done by President Marília and each of the members of the action”, she said.

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