Santa Casa holds special program in favor of the fight against breast cancer


By Government of Pará (SECOM)

10/13/2022 18:02

The Santa Casa do Pará Foundation (FSCMP) will hold, this Saturday (15), from 10 am to 10 pm, a special program focused on Pink October, with the theme “It’s about love and care”. The event will be on the 1st floor of Parque Shopping, next to the food court. The initiative will have stands that will address, in an educational way, different topics about Pink October. The date aims to strengthen the breast cancer care campaign. The mastologist, Cinthia Lins, presides over the Brazilian Society of Mastology (Section Pará), says that the North region still has a late diagnosis.

“It’s not really that cancer that progresses very quickly, it’s diagnosed late. First, because of a culture, some women think that mammograms hurt, that it is unnecessary. Then, because of life habits, we have a population that is very overweight, because of our own intake (food) and because we are a sedentary population. What I think is most important are measures to change lifestyle habits. Today we know that most cancers are sporadic, that they are not related to heredity, they are more related to the lifestyle that the woman has”, says the doctor.

From 10 am:
– Stand Nutrition: Quiz and educational conversation about food
– Women’s Health Stand: Interactive Activity with Mama Amiga and Educational Conversation
– Educational Exhibition on Mammography: the importance of periodically performing a mammogram, a more accurate exam to detect the disease early;
– Psychology Stand: Conversation circle with active listening focused on self-care

5:00 pm – Presentation of the FSCMP Choir “Saúde e Vida Maria Helena Franco”.

Text: Ascom – Santa Casa

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