Resolved issue involving women’s health care, from Enem


(Enem/2014 – PPL) You care about your family, your work and your home.
And with you?

The woman conquered a prominent space in the professional environment, in addition to taking care of the house and the well-being of the family. Accompanied by this change, a new life also came, with old typically male habits, such as stress, lack of time to take care of themselves, smoking and a higher incidence of obesity and depression. This greatly increased cases of heart attack and cardiovascular disease. They already account for 30% of the total number of cases, which kill six times more than breast cancer.
Take care of yourself. Worry about your health. Visit and encourage those you like to visit a cardiologist.

Claudia, year 52, n. 2, Feb. 2013 (adapted).

This text, published in a magazine, initially points out changes that have taken place in society and then

A) describes the different activities of women today.
B) encourages readers to seek fulfillment in their professional lives.
C) alerts women to the possibility of heart problems.
D) informs readers about deaths from breast cancer and heart attacks.
E) values ​​women concerned with the well-being of the family.

The text, after reporting on the increase in the number of cases of cardiovascular diseases in women, brings the following sentence: “Visit and encourage those you like to visit a cardiologist”.
Therefore, the text alerts women to the possibility of heart problems.
Answer: C

– Question resolved on textual interpretation, from Enem

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