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Rules of the new standards have until February 06, 2023 to take effect

With new rules, food labeling has until February 6, 2023 to come into effect, and in Mato Grosso do Sul, the Agrarian Development and Rural Extension Agency (Agraer) is ready to help the agro-industries that it serves and that need to adapt to the new rules.

According to the National Health Surveillance Agency, the rules were declared on October 9, with 120 days to go into effect.

According to Anvisa, for products that are already on the market to date, the deadlines for adaptation are:

  • up until October 9, 2023 (12 months from the effective date of the rule) for food in general;
  • up until October 9, 2024 (24 months from the effective date of the rule) for food manufactured by a family farmer or rural family entrepreneur, solidary economic enterprise, individual micro-entrepreneur, small agro-industry, artisanal agro-industry and food produced in an artisanal way; and
  • up until October 9, 2025 (36 months from the effective date of the rule) for non-alcoholic beverages in returnable packaging, observing the gradual process of replacing labels. The changes in labeling were established by the Resolution of the Collegiate Board of Directors – RDC No. 429 and Normative Instruction No. 75, published in October 2020. The objective of the standards is to improve the clarity and legibility of food labels and, thus, help the consumer to make more conscious food choices.


Mariana Marques Corrêa is a domestic economist at Agraer, she cites the insertion of a magnifying glass symbol on the front nutrition label to inform if the food has a high content of added sugar, saturated fats and sodium, as one of the main changes.

“These ingredients are directly related to diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and obesity. That is why it is necessary to highlight this information so that the consumer can view it more easily and be aware of the risks”, says Mariana.

Now, the Nutritional Information Table has only a white background and black letters for easier reading.

It will also have the declaration of total and added sugars, energy value and nutrients per 100g or 100ml; in addition, the table must be located, in general, close to the list of ingredients and on a continuous surface, division is not accepted.

In this sense, family farming; rural family farmers; solidary economic enterprise, individual micro-entrepreneur, small agro-industry, artisanal agro-industry and artisanal food must be regularized by October 9, 2024.

Thus, these producers can request assistance, which is provided by Agraer’s local agencies in the 79 municipalities of Mato Grosso do Sul to the agency’s Agroindustries and Public Purchasing sector.

“One of the attributions of our sector is to advise the producer with the preparation of labels and packaging, including nutritional information. We are already preparing the labels for new products in accordance with the legislation in force and, according to the demand of the producers, we will adapt the old packaging to the new rules in accordance with the deadline established by Anvisa”, concludes the responsible for the sector, Denise de Miranda.

In this websiteit is possible to find the addresses and contact telephone numbers of each Agraer office.

Also, Anvisa itself makes available on its portal tools that can clarify doubts in relation to the new nutritional labeling rules, such as the Nutrition labeling question and answer document.

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