Municipality of Itaja holds training workshops alluding to Pink October


The Municipality of Itajaí promotes, this week, training workshops for nurses and community health workers in the Municipal Network. The action is the first of the articulated initiatives for the Pink October Campaign, held annually in Itajaí to make the population aware of breast and cervical cancer.

Among the subjects, nursing professionals were instructed on the approach, humanized consultation and conduct during the collection of the cervical screening test. The agents discussed breast and cervical cancer, as well as the role of the professional in carrying out the active search for women with an indication for cancer screening.

The lectures were given by nurses Luciane da Silva D’Ávila and Ana Tereza Canziani Pereira Boschi, in addition to doctor Rosaura de Oliveira Rodrigues and academic Giovana Sardagna.

Pink October

With the objective of reducing the incidence of breast and cervical cancer in Itajaí, in addition to encouraging early diagnosis of the disease through preventive exams, the Health Department of Itajaí promotes several actions during Pink October. Among them is the increase in vacancies for preventive or breast exams in health units, according to the indication of patients.

During the month of the campaign, the Secretariat, through the Women’s Health, also articulates the lighting of the facade of companies and entities with the color pink to strengthen awareness. Guidance actions on cancer are still carried out in companies and health units. Another prevention initiative is scheduled for October 21, at Rua Hercílio Luz.

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