More than 2,000 people receive health care during Sespa’s action at Ver-o-Peso


Health action ‘Te Cuida, brother, in allusion to blue November, also attended fair workers

By Melina Marcelino (SESPA)

11/05/2022 16:08

The “Te Cuida Maninho” action, held this Saturday (11/05) at the Ver-o-Peso Fair through the Pará Health Department (Sespa), performed exactly 2,207 consultations, with 81 consultations with a general practitioner, four pediatric , 138 dental procedures, 134 blood pressure checks, 168 rapid tests, 38 nutritional care, distribution of 40 oral hygiene kits, 14 registrations for receiving a wheelchair, 35 auriculotherapy consultations, among others.

The month of November was chosen to deal with the issue of male health with greater visibility. Initially, the “Blue November” campaign focused on prostate cancer. But, with the aim of bringing men closer to health services, the action began to address the issue of men’s health in an integral way.

Therefore, the State Department of Public Health (Sespa), through the coordination of men’s health, coordination of oral health, coordination of control of chronic diseases, in partnership with the Territory for Peace (TerPaz) and TerSaúde, expanded the services and this Saturday, 5th, and held an action at the Feira do Ver-o-Peso, with offers of various health care.

The coordinator of men’s health, Diego Cutrim, said that there is still a lot of resistance from men to seek health services. For this reason, Sespa takes care to the fair, given that people who work in the area are sometimes unable to consult due to lack of time. “We have a challenge to make the man take care of his health so that he does not have to treat, but to prevent, so the promotion and education in health is also very important”, highlighted the coordinator.

The “Te Cuida Maninho”, theme of this year’s campaign, was supported by Carreta da Saúde, where medical consultations were offered with general practitioners and pediatricians, dental care, distribution of brushing kit, application of vaccines for Covid-19 (Janssen and Coronavac), Triple Viral, HPV, rapid tests for STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections), such as syphilis and hepatitis B and C. blood pressure, blood glucose, nutritional assessment, in addition to registering to receive wheelchairs and issue free passes for people with disabilities. Medications prescribed by doctors were also distributed during the Blue November action.

The bricklayer Raimundo Barbosa took the opportunity to take care of his health. He says he went to the fair with a purpose, and when he saw the services he decided to consult. He first checked the blood pressure, then went through the medical and dental appointment. “I thought this action was great and for people who don’t have time, because of work, being able to consult for exams and still be evaluated by the nutritionist, it’s very good. Today I will do everything I can here”, said the worker.

Raimundo Barbosa was attended to in the actionAlthough the campaign is aimed at men’s health, women who passed through the site were also attended. This is the case of housewife Emanuele Santos Ramos, who highlighted the importance of the action. “It’s a way to encourage not only people, but people to take care of themselves, it’s a very nice experience and a way to bring services closer to the population. I measured my height, checked my blood pressure, did a little bit of everything.”

Those who passed by the place also benefited from the auriculotherapy service, an alternative medicine technique that applies needles or mustard seeds in the ear of patients. The market vendor Manuel Rendeiro, Didi from Ver-o-Peso, was one of the people who surrendered to the Chinese technique. “This is the first time I have had auriculotherapy. I didn’t know it existed and I already feel relaxed. This action is excellent, as there is a barrier for the marketer to take the prostate exam. In addition, it is a way of raising awareness and drawing attention to other health problems”, emphasized Didi, who is also the coordinator of the Ver-o-Peso institute.

“It is important for men to be aware that they need to take care of themselves, that health problems go beyond prostate cancer, that there are other serious diseases that also kill, but that with an early diagnosis it can be avoided”, pointed out the secretary of health. , Rômulo Rodovalho.

According to the coordinator of chronic diseases, Silvia Côrrea, one of the diseases that cause most deaths among men is cardiovascular disease, followed by neoplasia. “We are here giving guidance on risk factors, especially hypertension, diabetes, so that they can avoid getting sick”.

Text: Tatiane Freitas

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