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Monica Martelli shared with her followers on Instagram this week a video in which her mother, marilena garcia, 77 years old, says that this Thursday (24th) he will start a cycle of chemotherapy to treat lung cancer. Marilena explains that, in 32 years, she has faced the disease another 5 times: twice in the breast, once in the conjunctiva and two more in the lung. “Mom, you are an inspiration in my existence. I love you. We are together,” wrote the 54-year-old actress on the social network.

Dona Déa Luciamother of Paulo Gustavo, sent positive energies to Marilena. “Marilena, may God bless you,” she wished. “Strength, girls! Marilena is an inspiration for you and for all of us! Strength! A lot of strength, faith and all my affection!”, Wrote the presenter Astrid Fontenelle🇧🇷 “Marilena, what a life force you transmit. Your wisdom and serenity healed you and will continue to heal you. You are the best. A very affectionate kiss”, posted the actress Maria Clara Gueiros🇧🇷 “Marilena, always so strong and special”, highlighted the actress Claudia Abreu🇧🇷 “How wonderful she is! A strong hug and a lot of faith, Marilena, and thank you for inspiring”, wrote the singer Paula Lima🇧🇷

the reporter Leila Cordeiro praised Marilena’s strength. “Cancer is the greatest proof of the evolution of a spirit, and you, Marilena, are already so spiritually evolved that you manage to demonstrate all your wisdom in every word. This is just one more stage of your arduous mission, which will win yet another with the strength you have and learned to have.The cure has already knocked on your door, you can open it, you will go through it and continue to live to tell everyone your story which is pure inspiration, wisdom and learning. Now there’s just a little bit left, my dear. A little more strength and that’s it. Then, just run to the embrace of those who love you very much. As you yourself said: ‘the time is for hope to hope’. Strength and faith! Kisses on the heart and this beautiful soul!” the presenter Rita Lobo also sent positive vibes to Mônica Martelli’s mother. “What a powerful woman. Strength for you right now. I’m already here cheering for the recovery. Kisses”, she said.

In the video shared by Mônica Martelli, Marilena talks with her friends about the years she has faced cancer. “Hello everyone! Marilena Garcia, Macanese, feminist, activist. Making this video, which is a very special video, in which I share with you this very difficult moment in my life, which is the moment of facing the sixth cancer. Six ! In 32 years, there were six cancers. For 32 years I have lived with uncertainties, fears, anxieties, joys, waiting for exams, reports. But today is a very special moment, because I start tomorrow [quinta-feira, 24] the chemotherapy cycle. I had lung cancer, which showed a lot of aggression. He was diagnosed over a month and a half ago, I’ve already gone through the radiotherapy cycle and tomorrow I’ll start chemotherapy. So you see me like this, naked (laughs), because in ten, fifteen days I won’t have this little hair here either because it has hair loss”, he warned.

Marilena spoke about learning from cancer over the years. “This sixth cancer brought me a very big novelty. I never felt pain. I never felt pain in the two breast cancers, in the conjunctiva, and in the other two lung cancers, I never felt pain. But this one had a characteristic that the tumor advanced , it reached the pleura, which is a nervous region, right? And I felt a lot of pain. I felt a lot of pain and underwent a whole treatment at an intensive pain therapy center to be able to undergo radiotherapy. And these drugs, Of course, as the days go by, they control the pain, but they put you in a condition that is kind of still, right? For me it’s even good because I’m too excited, so I’m more still”, she said.

“But since there’s the decadron, you can see I’m chubby, it’s the decadron effect and it excites, so it’s a weird high (laughs🇧🇷 What do I want to say to you? Life is neither good nor bad, life is life. Life brings us moments of joy, surprise, disappointment, a lot of fear, expectation, which is what I’m living now, but it has a characteristic that people cannot clearly perceive: life/death. The only certainty we have when we are born is that we will die. All of us. And I don’t want to talk about death. I want to say that death, which is the only certainty we have since birth, can improve our quality of life. Do we have to wait to get sick, that we have to wait for that world of problems that in reality boils down to one at the end of the day, to be happy? To have a few quiet moments? Will it be? Do we have a way to learn?”, he asked.

Marilena continued her reflection: “I would tell you that I didn’t want to have six cancers in my history. I didn’t want to have any. But it happened. And in each cancer I had, the challenge was great. I have a good characteristic, which I am very curious, so this challenge of each cancer made me, given my curiosity, look for loopholes to save myself. Gaps, openings, little paths that you find to have more peace, to have more empathy for the other. I’ve grown a lot. Tomorrow I start a long cycle of chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is not cool, there is nothing good. But it is a learning path for me because I was predisposed to face these challenges that life sends me moments of possibilities.”

Monica’s mother concluded by thanking her: “I want to thank you for the manifestations of affection, the prayers, the welcome. They are very necessary. I’m here, I intend, whenever I can and whenever I want, to make some audio for you to record in a moment of intense pain. possible for us to cross, especially us, privileged women. We have love from family, friends, we have science, and technology on our side. At this moment, think of all women and men — of all ages, races — who We have an ethical commitment to life. And an ethical commitment to life is to collaborate, help, welcome, love, show solidarity. Live the hope of hoping. Thank you!”

Mônica Martelli and her mother, Marilena Garcia — Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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