Menopause: Study shows benefits of alternative medicine treatment


Menopause is a period in a woman’s life that occurs between 45 and 55 years of age and corresponds to the period that begins one year after the last menstruation. It represents the end of the menstrual cycle and hormone production.

This troubled moment of transition produces several physical and neuropsychological changes with the manifestation of several symptoms that harm the woman’s well-being. For this reason, many women seek different forms of conventional and alternative treatments to alleviate symptoms.

Among these treatments, orthomolecular medicine presents an option for the relief of symptoms in a natural and individualized way.

In order to explain the benefits of this treatment, the PhD, neuroscientist and biologist, Head of the Department of Science and Technology at Logos University International, UniLogos, in the United States,
Prof. Dr. Fabiano de Abreu Agrela
produced another study, by the same university, punctuating some information, which was published in
multidisciplinary scientific journal Cognitionis

“Alternative medicine can be defined as an intervention in the health of the patient that is outside the conventional standards of formal medicine, is not discussed by doctors and is not found in hospitals. It is diverse, encompassing different aspects of health (physical, mental and emotional) and its acceptance varies according to the culture in which it is inserted. In many countries it is not only accepted but coexists with formal medicine”, he pointed out.

According to the PhD, research shows that the therapy has essential benefits for a considerable number of serious diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, deterioration of cognitive functions related to aging and or other neurodegenerative diseases, improves immunity, among others.

“In addition, therapy is beneficial for ‘minor’ problems, of a smaller scale, but which cause discomfort and weakness in everyday life. The focus is to work with nutrients that are found in the body naturally and are extremely necessary for the body and that for different and individual reasons are in an insufficient amount for good health”, he argued.

Fabiano also points out that orthomolecular medicine seeks through a natural treatment the biochemical balance of the body, through a diet rich in vitamins and minerals in addition to natural supplements, promoting better health for women.

With the help of a professional, also according to him, this treatment proves to be safe and effective in relieving the symptoms of menopause and it is essential that health professionals understand this phase in a systemic way, taking into account the habits of life and food, the specifics of the symptoms presented and the experiences of women in this phase.

“Only in this way, with specific actions of prevention, recovery and promotion of health and physical and neuropsychic well-being, will it be possible to neuroeducate women for this phase. Since it is only in this way, by becoming aware of this stage of life, that they find a way out to act in the face of the symptoms presented in a more autonomous and peaceful way”, she concluded.

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