Medicinal plants to cleanse the colon


The colon is a very important part of the digestive system and nutrition is vital for its proper functioning. But diseases that occur due to carelessness that can threaten the patient’s health are frequent.

Consequently, we will tell you which are the best medicinal plants that you can grow in your garden and then prepare infusions that cleanse this organ.

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The colon, part of our large intestine, is a long, hollow tube at the end of the digestive system in which the body produces and stores stool.

What is the function of the colon?

The main function of this organ is to eliminate substances that our body does not need and that can be harmful. Therefore, through different infusions made from medicinal plants, you can prevent damage to this organ.

Following this line, experts say that it is vitally important to clean the colon, as it will allow for better absorption of nutrients, lose weight and even eliminate bad breath. For this task, it will be essential to achieve good digestion and one of the best ways to achieve this is through the ingestion of fennel, aniseed or mint infusions.

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What are the plants?

A fennel garden will be a great source of alternative medicine. The properties of this type of medicinal plants make it one of the best healthy options. Experts highlight its richness in ethereal oil, which helps relieve conditions such as abdominal cramps, improving the digestive process and reducing lack of appetite.

Another medicinal plant that you can have in your garden is peppermint, a species that will help expel intestinal gas, reduce colic and relieve nausea and vomiting. In addition, it reduces acidity and promotes good digestion, activating the production of bile and optimizing digestive functions.

While colon cleansing can also be achieved thanks to an infusion of aniseed, as it provides anti-inflammatory and carminative properties, relieving symptoms of gastritis, reducing belching and other discomforts such as dyspepsia.

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