Lívia Andrade says she introduced a liter of coffee through her anus for aesthetics


posted on 12/02/2021 22:50

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If you think you’ve heard the most different stories about aesthetic treatments, it’s because you still don’t know the experience that Lívia Andrade had in a beauty clinic. The actress told, in an interview with the Fábio Porchat program on the GNTabout when she was taken by surprise with a rather unusual procedure: a liter of coffee ingested in the anus, with the aim of improving the appearance of the skin.

The presenter suffers from some chronic skin inflammation and performs alternative treatments at an aesthetic clinic. Due to the rush at the end of the year, Lívia had to look for another clinic that would take care of her during the free hours of the muse’s schedule. With that, she ended up closing a package with some procedures she didn’t know about. “I have rosacea and some allergies. It’s very complicated, it’s an inflammatory process and you have to live with it”, began Lívia. “There came a time when I took antibiotics and it didn’t work and I had to look for an alternative treatment. As I was in this lot of recording, I needed to do it in another clinic, it’s a muscle injection, an ozone serum and an ear procedure. It is an extremely expensive treatment. The first crisis I had was R$20 thousand”, she revealed.

Telling the story, the artist said that she arrived at this new clinic, made the intramuscular injections and the ozone serum and then was directed to a completely white room, where she had to take off her clothes and put on a robe. “I started to smell the coffee, I was sitting there waiting and the woman came in. I said ‘how delicious that smell of coffee’”, recalled Lívia. Seeing the famous’s reaction, the nurse realized that she didn’t know what she would be subjected to. “She said I was going to have an enema. I said: ‘what is this, girl, explain to me’. She said: ‘I’m going to put a liter of coffee inside you’. By the way!”

Lívia ended the story by saying that she had to keep the liquid inside her rectum for 15 minutes and that, the next day, “When I went to the bathroom, my love, you almost got suspended. But it’s not something you say: it’s going to give you diarrhea”, said the actress. “It’s consistent, it’s fibrous,” added Fábio Porchat.

coffee enema

The treatment performed by Lívia is called a coffee enema. It’s nothing more than a rectum-intestinal wash made with coffee. This technique began to be used in the 20th century, in order to treat soldiers of the Second World War.

According to studies by Max Gerson, carried out in the 1950s, if coffee is retained for 15 minutes in the intestine, it causes a dilation of the bile ducts, which makes it easier for the body to excrete toxins stored in the liver, making a kind of dialysis of the blood through the colon walls.

However, treatment can carry some risks, such as restoring metabolic products from tumors. Scholars also warn about the risk of death if done frequently or at a pace of two hours.

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