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You’re not alone if you’ve been hurt in a car accident. It happens to hundreds of people across Connecticut and New York every day.

As with most people, You are likely to encounter several issues over the next few weeks: doctor’s appointments, medical expenses, time off from working, extended recovery time, and a complicated insurance claim procedure… In addition, you will have to forget the hurt, sadness, and emotional turmoil that almost always accompanies a car crash.

Most car accidents happen due to reckless driving, whether speeding or texting while driving, the red light system being run, driving drunk, and so on.

If this has victimized you and you’re not responsible, you shouldn’t be forced to face the consequences alone. The driver at fault is legally bound to pay you compensation for your injuries.

In the same way, you could claim for personal injury against the insurance company of the driver at fault. Company to collect the money you’re due.

However, insurance companies do not always act in the right way. Insurance adjusters will constantly seek ways to get you paid less than you’re entitled to. Without a lawyer on your other side, defending yourself could not be easy. The insurance company has much more resources than you have (and has more expertise as well).

That’s where we come into.

Ventura Law’s attorneys for auto accidents have fought for years to protect the rights of hurt motorists, pedestrians, and passengers in our state.

We have a long experience in successfully tackling insurance companies and some of the biggest companies in the field. In every case, we struggle hard to secure those we represent the just and fair amount of compensation they are entitled to. We’d love to take the same approach for you.

Whether your injuries are serious or less severe, we’re there to assist you through the claims process with tact, care, and confidence. We’ll stand by your side and use our knowledge to your side to ensure you get the most effective outcome throughout the procedure.

Most common reasons for auto collisions

The reality is that most car accidents can be avoided completely when drivers are cautious.

It is a decision to make that is a reckless and uninformed decision that has brought about immense suffering and claimed the lives of countless people each year. We can make roadways safer for the next generation by holding negligent drivers accountable.

The most frequent causes of automobile accidents are:

  • Speeding
  • Drivers who are distracted (including texts while driving)
  • Drowsy driving
  • aggressive driving
  • Stop signals.
  • Don’t give up!
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs (DUI/DWI)
  • Unsafe Lane changes
  • Traffic laws that violate
  • Incorrect maintenance of the vehicle
  • Failure to adjust to changing weather or road conditions

However, these are only examples. Whatever the cause of your accident, the Ventura Law auto accident lawyers are here to assist. No case is too difficult.

What is the severity of a vehicle crash to support the personal injury claim?

One of the most common questions we hear from those who have been in an auto accident is: “Are my injuries sufficient to warrant legal action?”

Many victims of accidents worry that they might overreact or be a victim of the driver at fault when they file claims – even when the victim is facing medical expenses and hurt!

For centuries, American insurance companies have made it their mission to make clients feel guilty when they claim compensation. First, however, here’s the information we’d like you to know:

  • In most cases, an insurance provider (not the driver) will take responsibility for the damage. This is why insurance companies exist.
  • In avoiding your claim, you’ll let the insurance company take the money put aside to pay for your costs.
  • Accidents involving cars that are not serious can result in substantial financial loss, even without life-threatening or catastrophic injuries. The most frequently cited injury in auto accident lawsuits is neck injuries.
  • A whiplash injury can be a serious injury to the soft tissues, resulting in severe or chronic pain that lasts for weeks or even years. Insurance companies want you to lessen the severity of your injuries. Still, the reality is that you wouldn’t be suffering from this kind of pain if another driver had been more attentive. You are entitled to compensation for your injuries, and the insurer must pay for the damages.
  • Car accidents can be different. No two accidents are identical. Likewise, yourr wounds might not look the same as someone other people’s. But that doesn’t mean they’re not true. You have rights, and we will fight for your rights.

Common injuries that occur following car accidents

A few of the most frequent injuries that occur following an auto accident are :

  • cervical injuries to the cervical region
  • soft tissue injury
  • Cuts, scratches,
  • Burns and concussions
  • Neck and head injuries to the neck or head
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • knee injuries to the knee
  • Organs of the internal system are at risk.
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken bones
  • Bone fragments are found throughout the body.
  • Foreign objects found in the body
  • broken bones
  • Limited movement range
  • Spinal cord or back injuries
  • Ankle, wrist, or elbow injuries to the wrist, elbow or ankle
  • cosmetic damaged
  • shoulder injuries to the shoulder
  • Hearing loss or vision

More severe injuries could include arterial dissection, paralysis or stroke, heart attack, loss of limb, or even intentional murder.

Ventura Law’s attorneys for car accidents can assist in these cases or almost any other injury caused by reckless driving.

Car Accident Law in Connecticut and New York

The law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance of a minimum level and to share the roads with other pedestrians, drivers, and passengers within their path.

In other words, motorists must be aware of their obligation to be mindful of anyone else on the road. Any reckless, dangerously reckless, unlawful, or reckless act is considered an infraction in the eyes of the law.

It is a violation of the duty of care. Drivers considered to be negligent can be legally responsible for damages caused.

Sometimes, government agencies and third parties could be held responsible for carelessness. Examples include employers who employ negligent drivers, governments that fail to keep track of road conditions, and manufacturers who put unsafe vehicles or tires in the marketplace.

If you’ve suffered injuries due to negligence by someone else and you were injured, you could be eligible for substantial financial compensation under our state laws. Our lawyers for car accidents can assist you in understanding what rights are available to you and advocate to get the justice you deserve.

Why Should I Employ a Personal Injury Lawyer Following an Auto Accident?

If you’re like many car accident victims, You may have some idea that a fair legal system will provide compensation but don’t know what it takes to achieve that.

You may think that insurance companies will be able to review the situation and pay the amount due. The reality is that the process is not always easy.

Insurance companies are businesses that are not for profit. They earn their money through collecting prizes, investing tips, and retaining as much as possible – that means they pay victims the most minuscule amounts of money.

In general, insurance companies will be willing to pay a more significant amount when they are worried that not doing so will result in a higher cost in court. If you don’t have a lawyer on your side and a lawyer on your side, the insurance company is not likely to accept the threat of lawsuits seriously. If you don’t have any power, you’re in their hands. As good as the insurance adjuster’s job may appear, they’re not your friend.

Your lawyer is with you. From the moment you employ an attorney, he or she is bound by the strict and enforceable obligation to protect your best interests professionally with passion and integrity.

In most cases, insurance companies negotiate claims differently once they believe that the lawyer representing the victim is serious, assertive, and able to present a convincing argument.

Your lawyer can also assist by using the law firm’s resources in finance and investigation to your advantage. In Ventura Law, we advance the cost for expert witness testimony, accident investigations, and other similar expenses. This puts you on the same playing field with insurance companies… but without paying anything in advance or coming out of your pocket.

Automobile accidents that cause injuries to victims employ an attorney who specializes in personal injury and generally has higher chances of recovering in financial compensation than those that don’t have an attorney by their side.

How long will an auto accident claim process be?

The time frame for negotiating an agreement for a car crash settlement could differ significantly from one case and the following.

Some cases are settled within a couple of months. Some take a long time, or even one year (especially when the claim is more complicated that involves significant damages, unique facts, or more than one party).

If the claim is taken to a formal hearing, the outcome will likely be more time-consuming, and the trial length will be contingent on the court’s timetable.

Personal injury lawyers know that clients want to get an incident behind them as swiftly as possible. Everyone doesn’t want a case to go on for years. If you’re facing expenses for medical or other costs, there is a good chance that you’ll be compelled to file for an award as soon as possible.

We at Ventura Law understand this issue and take every step to manage our client’s claims promptly. However, we know the importance of timing as an element of the process, and we do not want to speed up the process of claiming when it would compromise the claim. We are always ensuring you receive the maximum compensation and putting you in the most advantageous position.

Discuss with us what the timeline of your case could be – as well as the options you might have to pay your medical expenses. Set up a no-cost, no-obligation meeting with one of our auto accident lawyers.

What amount of compensation can I receive following an accident in my car?

The amount you can receive for your claim in a car accident will be contingent upon a variety of variables, including but not always not only:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The number of participants in the process
  • The applicable limits of the insurance policy
  • The reliability of evidence
  • If you’re partly at fault (see below)
  • Additional costs that are incurred

Every case is unique, and there is no guarantee. But, since the expense of medical treatment is considerable, it’s not unusual for typical claims from auto accidents to cause significant financial loss.

In general, the compensation available is as follows:

  • Medical costs
  • loss of wages
  • Future loss of revenue
  • Damage to property and vehicles
  • Physical discomfort
  • emotional distress
  • Quality of life is diminished
  • Loss of affection, love, and affection (in certain cases of intentional homicide, for instance)

Alternative or additional remedies could be available in some instances, subject to the circumstances and facts.

In certain situations, the amount of emotional damage (e.g., suffering and pain) can be more than the number of medical bills and other economic damages.

Do you want to learn more about the worth of your proposition? It’s a valid concern, and we know that you’d like to learn the most information before taking action. Although we can’t guarantee or guarantee an inevitable outcome, we can aid you in understanding your rights after we have learned more about the circumstances surrounding your accident. We can also inform you how much compensation individuals have recovered in similar cases in your area.

Call and meet with one of our car accident attorneys to discuss the details.

Do I have to accept an insurance company’s offer following an accident with my car?

Never accept an offer from an insurance provider without speaking with an experienced attorney before you do.

Insurance companies use a tried and true method of paying victims less than they are owed. If they offer you a price, that’s not because they’re concerned about your interests. Most likely, their computer software has stated that it’s the lowest amount that can (A) make you want to the user and (B) safeguard them from being without cost for a small amount.

Accepting an insurance offer following a car crash requires you to surrender your rights. It is impossible ever to claim an additional amount for the same collision.

Many people have taken this choice only to discover that their medical costs were much higher than expected and that injuries suddenly stopped healing and required more intensive treatment.

Before you speak to an insurance adjuster, call Ventura Law’s knowledgeable car accident lawyers.

What does it cost to employ an attorney for personal injuries?

Ventura Law offers contingency-based representation for any auto accident claim, and you are liable for nothing unless we obtain the compensation you deserve.

If we can collect money, the amount we receive will be a portion of the amount you receive.

Our car accident lawyers won’t cost you anything in advance or out of pocket. We will advance the investigation and litigation costs. There’s nothing to lose.

Benefits of the hiring process Ventura Law to Manage My Car accident claim

Ventura Law is a Danbury-based personal injury law firm working to maximize the compensation of injured motorists, passengers, and pedestrians throughout Connecticut and New York. There are offices across Connecticut in addition to New York. Consultations are offered in person or via the phone.

With careful preparation and a vigorous campaign with caring and helpful support for our customers, expert attorneys for car accidents have recovered thousands of dollars for motorists injured in accidents across our state.

We seek full payment for our clients, including future and past medical expenses, pain and suffering loss of wages, and various other forms of relief available at any appropriate time.

We have hired expert witnesses, including doctors, to examine the causes of the accident and determine the totality of the damages. If required, we’ll even arrange for medical treatment. We will gather evidence from the scene of the accident and interview witnesses, get police reports, contact the insurance company, discuss settlements, and present claims in court when required. We can represent your best interests throughout the process.

We’re here to fight to get you the compensation you’re entitled to so you can continue living your life as you wish.

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