How to choose the right ostomy bag model?


There are several types of grant available to those who underwent surgery.

Ostomy is a surgical intervention that about 120,000 Brazilians already have and which consists of an opening in the abdomen region for the output of feces or urine and also helps with breathing or eating. The causes are numerous, from motivated by the consequences of Covid-19, such as colon cancer, accidents with abdominal perforations, injuries in the rectum, Crohn’s disease, among others.

The procedure is difficult to adapt, as learning to use the bag requires time and testing. There are different types of colostomy and ileostomy bags for the most varied profiles, with options such as drainable or closed; opaque or transparent; one piece or two pieces.

“Often, this type of procedure has a difficult adaptation. Learning to use the bag requires time, testing and follow-up with trained nurses. The big challenge is the perfect fit of the bag to the stoma, avoiding leaks, dermatitis and wounds in the peri-stomal skin”, says stomatherapist nurse Antônio Rangel, technical advisor at Vuelo Pharma.

According to Rangel, one of the main complications related to ostomy are dermatitis and early detachment of the bags. To minimize this problem and significantly reduce the bad smell in the stool, the company Vuelo Pharma produces and sells gelling and odorizing capsules, which solidify the more liquid stools and reduce the bad smell.

The capsule that gels the liquids in the bags is called Gelificador, easy to find in stores and marketplaces. It consists of a gelatinous capsule to be inserted inside the bag and which, when in contact with liquids, can gel them. “By gelling the liquids, cleaning is very quiet. Another advantage is that the capsules exude a lavender essence, which eliminates the bad smells that the bag may have”, he says.

Check out the models and recommendations below:

Drainable or closed

The person can choose the drainable model: with an opening at the bottom of the bag to let out the feces and manual closing, that is, the user cleans without removing the body bag. The closed model, which does not have an opening at the bottom for the exit of liquids, needs to be changed after each cleaning.

transparent or opaque

The transparent colostomy and ileostomy bag allows for easier visualization, which helps in real-time monitoring of the filling of the collection bag. For those who prefer that liquids are not visible, the most recommended option is the opaque colostomy and ileostomy bag.

One piece or two pieces

In order for the stool collection bag to be securely adapted to the body, an adhesive hydrocolloid base is used. In the one-piece ostomy bag, the adhesive base is integrated, that is, they form a single piece. When replacing, all parts must be changed. In the two-piece bag, the parts are separated, the bag is fixed to the adhesive plate and during the exchange only the bag is removed.

“The best tip is to talk to a trusted professional to assess which is the best bag. The choice will transform the whole experience”, concludes Rangel.

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