homemade cap to prevent hair loss can be dangerous


Homemade chemotherapy cap can damage the scalp; understand

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Recently, the news of a woman who created her own cap for hair treatment during chemotherapy, based on ice sheets, gained notoriety. However, the procedure can cause burns on the scalp, reaching the pore and preventing the growth of new wires.

The trichologist, Dr. Luciano Barsanti, president of the Brazilian Trichology Society (SBTri) and Medical Director of the Hair Institute, explains the origin of the cap. “The woman’s idea was to replace medical equipment, which resembles a cap or helmet, which cools the scalp and has been around for a few years, and manages to prevent 60% to 70% of the hair from falling out – when used properly in a hospital environment”, he explains.

However, there is an important difference between professional equipment and a homemade cap. “While medical equipment rigorously controls the distribution of the cold and the adequacy of the temperature, including indicating the need for breaks every 30 minutes of use, the homemade cap is not able to distribute the cold properly, much less indicate the proper temperature“, alert.

The main risk of the cap is the emergence of burns due to excessive cold. The doctor explains that the scalp is very sensitive and if the burn reaches the hair bulb, the hairs will not grow back after chemotherapy. “It is not because the patient does not feel the burn that it is not happening. The region is so sensitive that damage can occur, even if it is painless”, he highlights.

Hair recovery after chemotherapy

After chemotherapy, most patients recover their hair, reassures the trichology specialist. They exist treatments non-invasive, with natural actives for topical use, which accelerate hair growth and have no contraindications, even for those undergoing cancer treatment and remission.

The Doctor. Luciano points out that even the laser can be an alternative for most patients, with few exceptions. “Everything is done without the risk of the patient contracting an infection, because no type of microneedling or other invasive or risky procedure is used”, he says.

Advantages and disadvantages of the medical cap

For the specialist, medical equipment, for hospital use, is an alternative to preserve hair during chemotherapy. “It is necessary to know, however, how the patient will feel with 60% of the hairs. self esteem and emotional issues, in a chemotherapy treatment, are very strong”, he explains.

Among the positive points of the medical cap, the professional points out the preservation of 60% to 70% of the wiresin addition to psychological support that it can bring to the patient in this moment of hopelessness. However, the discomfortgenerated by head cooling, and strict technical standards can be pointed out as negative characteristics of the cap.

The doctor and trichologist notes that many people who used the equipment performed procedures for hair growth. That’s because, even with the preservation of part of the hair, the fall was still a reason for discomfort.

“I usually say that the patient’s victory in the battle against the disease leads to the loss of some soldiers. In this case, it’s the hair, which recovers over time. Medicine, combined with trichology, is here to help the patient”, he concludes.

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