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Anyone who passes in front of the Fraiburgo District Forum, in the Midwest, realizes the unit’s intention to draw attention with its pink color. Engaged in the “Pink October” movement, magistrates and civil servants also used the tone in their clothes to alert women and society about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

The initiative to decorate the internal and external parts of the Forum came from the Forum’s secretary, José Luiz Busetti, and was supported by the director judge Bruna Luíza Hoffmann and by the judge Felipe Nóbrega. “The team’s adherence to October Rosa stands out for its objective of sharing information and promoting awareness about the disease among employees of the Judiciary and those under jurisdiction”, reinforces the magistrate.

According to the National Cancer Institute (INCA), this year 66,280 women will discover they have breast cancer. The disease is the leading cause of cancer death in women in Brazil. In the state, this is the type that most affects: there are 93.05 people from Santa Catarina per 100,000 inhabitants.

The most frequent symptom is the appearance of nodules. Therefore, when noticing any change in the breast, it is essential to seek medical support for early diagnosis. The sooner it is discovered, the greater the chances of a cure – which can reach 95%, warn experts.

Women over 40 years old or who have a family history of breast cancer should have constant medical monitoring and have a mammogram every year.​

Content: Press Office/NCI
Responsible: Ângelo Medeiros – Reg. Prof.: SC00445(JP)

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