Feevale medical students provide guidance on breast cancer prevention at a health center in Novo Hamburgo – Novo Hamburgo


This Saturday morning (22) was for guidance and preventive consultations for breast cancer at the Basic Health Unit in the Canudos neighborhood, in Novo Hamburgo. Medical students at Feevale, guided by Professor Gabriela Santos, explained about the self-examination and evaluated about 30 women who made the appointment with free mastological consultations. The activity was part of the October Rosa program and had a partnership between the City Hall and the Public Health Foundation. The activity was attended by the academic leagues of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Sexuality (Lagos), Family and Community Medicine (Lamfc) and Clinical and Surgical Oncology (Laonco).

Feevale medical student Natacha Guererres advises on breast self-examination
Photo: João Ávila/GES-Especial

Professor of gynecology Gabriela Santos said that “the idea is to provide access to patients who may have some difficulty, in the search for an early diagnosis”. The proposal is also not to reach only women who already have a complaint. “We are going to guide them to do the review, exams, have healthy habits to stop exposing themselves to some risks”, she added. For academics, the activity represents learning, especially with regard to service.

Karla Panosso is in the fifth year of medical school. “We have attended since the first semester. It is part of the extra curricular activities”, she said. About October Rosa, she understands that it is important not to remain only in theory. “That’s why we decided to do something practical about it.”

Also academic Natacha, who is in her fourth year, says that Feevale’s training is very focused on primary care. “We learned about the structure and the need for more prevention and guidance. Prevention is the key to the concept of medicine,” she explained. “It’s gratifying.”


Natacha addressed the first group of women. “Every woman should have guidance and knowledge,” she said. She stressed that it is necessary to be attentive to the body, especially with any sign that is not normal. But she made it clear: “Self-examination is not a substitute for mammography, medical consultation and diagnosis. It serves to identify changes in our body,” she added. And she taught me how to do self-examination.

Finally, he recalled that cancer is a delicate subject, but that it is necessary to talk about it. “The more you talk, the less the fear of this disease and you will never be alone.”


The coordinator of Women’s Health at Novo Hamburgo City Hall, Jéssica Mazzilli dos Reis, spoke of the partnership with the Academic League of Gynecology, Obstetrics and Sexuality to work on breast cancer prevention. The Canudos neighborhood was chosen for this first action, according to her, precisely because it is the most populous in the city.

Jessica pointed out that the care for women with suspected breast cancer has been fast, with consultations taking place in a maximum of 15 days and, when the diagnosis is confirmed, treatment is started within 60 days.

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