Fátima Araújo proposes campaign “Preventive mammography for women aged between 35 and 50” – São Luís City Council


bill no. 158/22, which deals with the subject, is being processed in the Chamber and São Luís

Bill nº 158/22 is being processed in the São Luís Chamber, which aims to establish the campaign “Preventive mammography for women aged between 35 and 50 years” in São Luís. The proposal is authored by councilor Fátima Araújo (PCdoB) and has already been forwarded to the “Justice”, “Health” and “Social Assistance” committees of the Legislative House.

According to data published in July this year by the National Cancer Institute (Inca), in Brazil, excluding non-melanoma skin tumors, breast cancer is the most incident in women in all regions of the country. For the year 2022, 66,280 new cases were estimated, which represents an adjusted incidence rate of 43.74 cases per 100,000 women.

From the national context about breast cancer, councilor Fátima Araújo justified the elaboration of PL 158/22. “The Bill establishes the campaign ‘Preventive mammography for women aged between 35 and 50’ and it will become another instrument made available to the community so that, in a joint effort between the municipal government and society, we can achieve reduce the number of deaths of women victims of a disease that, if detected early, has a high cure rate”, explained the parliamentarian.

Proposition – The proposal informs that the campaign “Preventive mammography for women aged between 35 and 50 years” will be established within the scope of the municipality of São Luís and that it will take place once a year on a date to be defined by the Executive power.

According to PL no. 158/22, mammography exams will be offered in Basic Health Units and in municipal public hospitals that are equipped to perform them. The document also clarifies that mammography exams in women aged 35 to 39 will only occur in risk groups.

The parliamentary proposal also informs that the municipal government will be able to publicize the campaign on social networks and other means available to it. It is also recorded in the proposition that the expenses arising from the legislation resulting from PL no. 158/22 will be based on their own budget allocations, supplemented if necessary.

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