Fátima Araújo Bill aims to ensure preferential care for people with cancer – São Luís City Council


According to the proposal, preferential service will be guaranteed in commercial establishments.

“This proposal aims to mitigate people’s suffering during treatment”, justified Fátima Araújo / Fabricio Cunha

Councilor Fátima Araújo (PCdoB) authored Bill No. 162/22, which provides for the disclosure of the rights of people with malignant neoplasm (cancer) and on the obligation of preferential care for people undergoing treatment. The proposal was forwarded to the Justice, Social Assistance, Health and Budget committees of the Legislative House in the ordinary session on August 1st.

According to the proposal, all commercial, service and similar establishments in the municipality of São Luís will provide preferential and priority care to people undergoing treatment for malignant neoplasm.

“It is no secret that cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy and others can cause extreme weakness in patients. In view of this, this proposal aims to mitigate people’s suffering during treatment”, said Fátima Araújo.

According to the parliamentarian, all means of communication available to the public service should disseminate information about malignant neoplasm, mainly through digital media, such as social networks, websites of the City Hall, City Council and, also, through lectures, folders and banners, in order to facilitate access and visibility to the public.

Also according to the PL, the content released should also contain information about disability retirement, sickness benefit, breast reconstructive plastic surgery, income tax exemption in retirement and other benefits and rights that can help people who suffer from the disease.

“Malignant neoplasia most often requires a long and expensive treatment, and it is of paramount importance that people are aware of their rights guaranteed by law. These rights should be widely publicized to assist in resolving issues that may in some way impact treatment,” she concluded.

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