Facial Cleansing: The Korean Trick for Healthy, Hydrated Skin


Want hydrated skin? Facial cleansing is one of the most important steps in our routine, and since we discovered Korean double cleansing, we have become more aware of how essential it is if we want to have healthy and beautiful skin. Removing makeup and cleaning the face, in summer more than ever, is essential to take care of the skin of the face..

If we don’t remove makeup properly, we have two main problems: on the one hand, as residue remains on the surface, the products that we use later in our nighttime routine will not be absorbed properly and therefore will be less. , makeup that is not well removed acts as an irritant to our skin and determines that we have a change in our barrier function, which can lead to the presence of reactive skin. And so that we have to be aware that we cannot skip this step.

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Whether you have oily or dry skin, just adapt the products you need to carry out proper facial hygiene. Find the facial cleanser that best suits your skin type, and if you have dry skin, you can use this trick Koreans follow to keep it more hydrated than ever. It is known as the method Toner Wash and promises even better results than double cleaning : smoother, more succulent and hydrated skin.

Primor experts say that “the use of toner is a fundamental step in the facial routine because it helps balance the skin’s pH, which tends to increase after cleansing. Furthermore, state-of-the-art toners contain moisturizers needed to keep skin hydrated and provide just the right dose of antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin. If you use a good toner, you will need to apply less moisturizer .”

Facial Cleansing: How to test the toner wash method

Once you’ve done the double facial – remember, first with an oil-based cleanser and then a soap-based one – we’ll continue this step. ” It is necessary to mix the tonic with water, in the proportion of 9 parts of water and 2 parts of tonic. . That is, after the face is clean, we wash it again with this mixture, to treat the skin and leave it much more hydrated. . One With a dry face, we can continue with our routine”, they explain from Primor.

After this ritual, your skin will have extra hydration to better receive the treatment you apply later. Remember that during the day, it is recommended to use vitamin C, moisturizer and sunscreen, while at night, you can change the treatment to retinol – if your dermatologist advises you – and a good moisturizer to take care of our skin.

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