Exercise can cut breast cancer risk by 41%, study says


In addition to being healthy for maintaining heart health and preventing various chronic diseases, physical exercise can also decrease the chance of developing breast cancer in women.

According to scientists at Charles University in the Czech Republic, women who exercise three times a week are 38% less likely to develop breast cancer. Those who do more activity than recommended have a 41% lower risk of having the tumor. The study also shows that sedentary women have twice the chance of developing cancer than those who do regular physical activity.

The results were published in British Journal of Sports Medicine scientific journal. Scientists came to the conclusion after evaluating data from 130,000 women.

According to researchers, exercise decreases inflammation and swelling in the body, controls hormone production, and keeps body weight down — all of which are risk factors for developing cancer.

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“Increasing physical activity and decreasing the time of sedentary lifestyle are already recommended for cancer prevention. But adopting an active lifestyle can further reduce the number of cases of the most common form of cancer in women.”

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