exam that saw cancer in Simony must be done from the age of 45

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Singer Simony revealed this week that she was diagnosed with abowel cancer after having a colonoscopy. According to doctors, the exam that analyzes the large intestine should be done from the age of 45, even when there are no symptoms. Despite the recommendation, it is common that colonoscopy ends up being forgotten in most cases.

“In the past, the recommendation was to start from the age of 50”, explains general and oncological surgeon Arnaldo Urbano Ruiz, coordinator of the Center for Peritoneal Diseases of Beneficência Portuguesa in São Paulo.

“But because of lifestyle habits and the risk of developing colorectal cancer (intestinal cancer) at an earlier age, this age of 50 has recently dropped to 45”, completes Ruiz.

The American Cancer Society started to recommend screening for colorectal cancer from the age of 45, after identifying an increase in cases among younger people.

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After the first colonoscopy, if the results are normal, the exam should be repeated in 3 or 5 years, depending on the evaluation, says Ruiz. Younger people with a family history of colorectal cancer should see a doctor to assess the need and frequency of screening. In case of symptoms, such as changes in stools and bleeding, the recommendation is also to seek medical help.

The exam helps detect bowel (also called colorectal) cancer early and prevent the disease by removing polyps. In colonoscopy, a catheter with a microcamera is inserted into the anus to examine the inner walls of the intestine. Suspicious tissue, such as polyps, may be removed for a later biopsy.

This type of tumor is one of the most common in the Brazilian population – it is second only to non-melanoma skin cancer and breast and prostate tumors.

In Brazil, 40,000 new cases of colorectal cancer are diagnosed each year, among men and women, according to data from the National Cancer Institute (Inca).

Bowel cancer encompasses tumors that start in the part of the large intestine called the colon and in the rectum (end of the intestine, just before the anus) and anus.


Although colorectal cancer is very common, the screening test is much less widespread than others. “We come across many people who have never been 60, 65,” says Ruiz.

He says that it is common to see women who have a mammogram annually, but have never had a colonoscopy. The exam can be requested by any doctor accompanying the patient, such as clinicians, cardiologists and gynecologists.

In Simony’s case, colonoscopy was indicated after the singer noticed a ganglion in her groin area. “I often say that this ganglion saved me,” she said.

Simony took the opportunity to emphasize the importance of colonoscopy after the age of 45. Ruiz recalls that the exam has risks, such as intestinal perforation, but they are rare – the benefits outweigh possible risks.

Specialists point out that changes in habits also help to prevent the disease. Bowel cancer is linked to a sedentary lifestyle, obesity, smoking and drinking alcohol and sausages such as ham and sausage.

Doing physical activities, losing weight and improving diet help. “People think that having a healthy life is a passport to never having cancer, but cancer is multifactorial”, warns Ruiz.

The information is from the newspaper. The State of São Paulo.

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