EJA students receive prescription glasses from the “Ophthalmology at School” project


The Ophthalmology in Schools project – an action promoted by the Municipal Health Department and the Municipal Education Department, has had good results. An example of this was the delivery of new prescription glasses to students assisted by the Youth and Adult Education (EJA) program. The act took place on the night of last Thursday, 04, at the Municipal School Desembargador Clotário Portugal – Vila Triângulo, with the presence of the Secretary of Health, Moacir Paludetto Jr, and the director of Elementary Education, Vandrea Cestari, representing the secretary of the portfolio. , Cristiane Rossetti. So far, 45 EJA students have passed the screening and examinations. In some cases, referrals were also made to Hoftalon, in Londrina. “Some of the students were diagnosed with comorbidities such as diabetes, strabismus, glaucoma – being referred for more specific assessments with Hoftalon. And for less serious cases, we have already managed to deliver the glasses. This reinforces the importance of this initiative, combining health and education”, said Paludetto Jr. Another 55 students will still go through the initial stages of ophthalmological assessments.


In order to promote the visual health of students in the Municipal Education Network, the Municipal Health Department and the Education Department began in May, the project that takes eye care in all schools; with weekly consultations. Initially, the services are aimed at 5th year students, and now, they also include those from EJA; through a screening and examinations – carried out by the specialist Dr. Renan Barbieri. After the initial consultations, referrals to the Intermunicipal Health Consortium of Vale do Ivaí and Region (Cisvir) – Arapongas headquarters, for more conclusive tests, and then the delivery of the glasses. Students in the other grades are monitored by the Department of Education, and if necessary, are referred to the Department of Health for eye care. In addition to the specialist doctor, the team that develops this service is made up of the administrative manager of Health, Alan Mazieiro, and the project coordinator, Rosângela Alvarenga.

The initiative has the nomination of councilors Márcio Nickenig and Levi Xavier.

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