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Photo: Ney Silva/Acorda Cidade

A little over a year ago, the resident of Feira de Santana Adna dos Santos Pessoa had to make a difficult decision. She was a shooter, but had to give up the sport after discovering a lump in her armpit and being diagnosed with breast cancer.

In an interview with Acorda Cidade, she reported that the diagnosis of the disease took place in September, even before the national October Rosa campaign began in 2021.

“I did the self-exam, I felt a lump in my armpit and went to the doctor. There is no history in my family, and I was the first case. I found out when I was 38 years old. I had chemotherapy, after that, I had surgery with reconstruction and now I’m on the radiotherapy part”, said the patient.

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Photo: Ney Silva/Acorda Cidade

According to Adna Pessoa, she is currently experiencing a new stage in her treatment, but said that everything is going smoothly. “Today, what kills many people is fear. The technology today is so advanced and I went through the treatment with ease.”

She noted that women should not leave to perform diagnostic tests only in the Pink October period.

“Women should always be doing their self-touch, it’s a very simple thing, always doing their exams, and not just in the campaign. In many women the cancer advances because it leaves to take measures at the last minute. I had to give up shooting, because it is a very aggressive sport and we receive several shots in the chest region, but there are other types of sports that a person with breast cancer can do. Today I am feeling better, prettier and even calmer. What I say to women is don’t be sad, because nothing comes in vain. The important thing is to have faith and go to the fight, never give up,” she said.

Radio-oncologist André Campana
Photo: Ney Silva/Acorda Cidade

Radio-oncologist André Campana, who works at the Unacom clinic, highlighted in an interview with Acorda Cidade that breast cancer is very common and affects many female patients, but also affects males.

“Many times cancer has no symptoms. These lesions are so small that patients do not feel anything, it is only discovered through regular exams, such as mammography, ultrasound, MRI, so it is very important to go to your doctor and request the correct exams, get an early diagnosis and thus increase the chances of cure.”

According to André Campana, the causes are multifactorial: there is the genetic part, smoking, the habit of life, but patients who exercise and have a good diet reduce their chances of having it.

“This does not exclude, but decreases the chances. The diagnosis is initially made through exams, then a biopsy is performed, where the doctor takes a small piece of the lesion to evaluate, being diagnosed with breast cancer, the patient undergoes treatment. Early diagnosis is essential, as it increases the chances of cure for patients and has to be our flag.”

Mammography in HIPS
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The doctor explained that all cases are surgical, and depending on the result of the surgery, the entire breast or just a piece of it can be removed.

“Today, it is increasingly recommended not to completely remove the breast, but rather to remove a small piece, and after evaluating this tumor and the surgery material, the doctor will evaluate whether this patient will undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy.”

The diagnosis in men is the same as in women, but usually in men, breast cancer can be more aggressive, more advanced.

“There are also early cancers that the patient treats and is cured. The man also has to be attentive, palpate the breast and any changes should seek medical attention,” he warned.

Pink October draws attention to exams and prevention of the disease, which has a cure if discovered in the early stages.

“The more advanced the tumor, the greater the risk of metastasis, that is, if a breast cancer cell goes to another region, which can be in the lung, liver, bones, it becomes more advanced. We want to diagnose the tumor when it is not even palpable, which is only possible to see through the exams, so I repeat that if the woman has noticed a lump in the breast, she should seek medical help to do the exams and if there is a need for a biopsy”, he concluded. .

With information from reporter Ney Silva from Acorda Cidade.

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