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Car crash: Know how to react in case of a traffic crash

How can you create an accident report that does not include any victims? What is the best time to ensure that both the vehicle leading and the one involved are monitored?

A car crash could happen at any time on the road, on the road, and even at the home’s front door. It’s exhausting, however; there isn’t a driver who isn’t subject to a minor traffic crash. It is best, therefore, to be ready to deal with the possibility. Know what you should do if accidents occur on the city or the highway, either with or without any victims.

The first step is to determine if anyone is hurt. If there’s a victim of the accident, regardless of how severe, contact the Mobile Emergency Care Service (SAMU) and notify them of the accident. The police should be called anytime someone is injured. In these situations, reports of incidents (BO) to report traffic-related accidents will be completed by the site officer.

The obligation for the motorist to assist those injured; failing to help them is a crime as defined by article 135 in the Brazilian Penal Code.

Traffic accidents without victims

If there isn’t a victim in the accident, taking the cars from the roadway is essential. Blocking the highway is a minor infraction punishable by paying a fine. 

Next, record the license plate number of the other vehicle in question and request a certificate that the driver has signed.

Switching phones among the people involved might not be an excellent idea. This is because the exact nature of the people involved in the accident isn’t known. However, if an insurance company insures you, you should give their contact number to the driver who was at fault They’ll be better equipped to manage the scenario.

Signify the car’s crash by using the triangle and warning lights

It is equally essential to use appropriate signage in an accident that has an injured party. Use the triangle, typically found inside the trunk of the vehicle – and place it by Brazilian regulations. A minimum distance that must be maintained between signs and the stop is 30 meters, as per Resolution 36/98 of the National Traffic Council (Contran).

It is recommended to ensure that the other vehicles can see the accident and follow the rule of one centimeter more for each mile permitted on the road.

For instance, for an avenue whose speeds are 60 km/h or less, the radius must be at least 60 meters. If the weather is not ideal, the distance could be increased by a factor of two. Also, activate the car’s hazard warning lights.

Do drivers need to wait to get their expertise?

When the people involved are not in agreement over the liability for the accident, a private professional can be employed to examine the accident and provide an opinion. The findings of an expert can be utilized in action. The car crash that does not cause injuries: cars have to be removed from the road

Attention, Pay attention, Pay attention, Civil Police only perform this kind of service when a police vehicle is involved in an accident, or the traffic stop has more than one victim.

Create the BO recording of your traffic accident

Record the accident with an official police report. Even if all participants are on the same page on the date of the incident, it’s essential to document what occurred. This document is required to claim insurance coverage or apply for DPVAT insurance.

Below are the web pages of the police stations that are virtual to see whether it is possible to submit a vehicle accident report online for your state.

car crash images

Photos can aid in creating a police report in the event of car accidents. Contact and talk with those who were present during the traffic stop. They can be used as witnesses if needed.

In the case of traffic accidents, the more evidence, the more convincing.

Car accident on a federal highway

The procedure is the same in the event of a traffic stop on a highway. To contact the Federal Highway Police (PRF) when accidents or vehicles are blocking the lane, call 191.

If the incident isn’t severe and the parties decide to proceed with their journey, drivers may make an electronic Transportation Accident declaration.

According to the press office, in making a registration, the participant must provide the BR along with the mileage and the date of the incident. In addition, other data, while not required, could be utilized, including the plates and other documents from other participants.

Photos of the vehicle and the traffic crash are not part of the e-DAT. However, they could be helpful to the user in the event of legal proceedings.

Attention! The e-DAT is only executed if the crash is minor, with no victims or leaks, or is not causing harm to the environment or private property. The collision is also required to not connect with an incident that causes delays on the track or involves official vehicles.

Another option for drivers involved in a collision along the nation’s highways that may have left injuries or the risk of fire is to contact an emergency department. To do so, dial 193.

After the report has been completed, it’s time to find an insurance provider or workshops to repair the cars involved.

How do I claim insurance?

The National School of Insurance professor Bruno Kelly described the most important rules for private firms.

In the beginning, it is essential to determine if the car’s damage in the crash was minimal or severe enough for the repair to exceed the deductible.

As it is required for the insurance to be activated, the client must call the 0800 number of the contracted company or request that their insurer starts a claim notification. “Ideally, the driver needs to contact the insurance company since he’ll be able to give all the required information. However, Bruno Kelly explains that he will have a fresh perspective and be able to clarify the facts surrounding the car accident” Bruno Kelly explains. Bruno Kelly.

The documents required to begin the procedure differ according to the company and the kind of claims. However, the professor cautions the insurers that they are all required under legislation known as the Superintendence of Private Insurance (Susep) to provide in their policies, which are the primary documents to register every accident.

Insurance for DPVAT

Spite of the cost of insurance through private companies or not, it is the legal right of those who suffer from traffic accidents to be compensated. Therefore, DPVAT Insurance is responsible for the coverage.

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