Cape Verde wants traditional Chinese medicine as an alternative to conventional medicine – Observer


The Minister of Health of Cape Verde, Arlindo do Rosário, said this Monday that the country is working to implement traditional Chinese medicine in the country, to be an alternative and to complement conventional medicine.

We are working towards the implementation of traditional Chinese medicine in Cape Verde, alternative medicine, within the National Health Service [SNS]”, said the minister, in his intervention, in the act of delivery by China of equipment to the services of the Agostinho Neto University Hospital, in Praia, the largest in the country.

The official said that the project is being implemented together with the Macau Industrial Park, to work as an alternative treatment to conventional medicine.

In this aspect, it is also an area that we can continue to deepen, so that we can have the two medicines working in parallel and complementary in Cape Verde”, said Arlindo do Rosário.


Cape Verde has been talking for years about the implementation of traditional Chinese medicine in the country, also anticipating that it will be a center to also serve Africa.

“As in Portugal, which also built a center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Lisbon, for Europe, why not in Cape Verde, for Africa?”, argued in September 2019 the minister, on the sidelines of the Forum for International Cooperation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which took place in Macau.

At the time, he stressed that the pharmaceutical industry already produces around 40% of conventional medicine drugs consumed in the country.

It is an expanding industry, which is developing, also aimed at the African region, at the (…) African countries whose official language is Portuguese”, he stressed.

THE creation of legislation to regulate the activity is one of the priorities, Leila Rocha, the advisor for the implementation of traditional medicine in Cape Verde, told Lusa at the time.

In May 2019, Cape Verde signed an agreement with the Scientific and Industrial Park of Traditional Chinese Medicine Guangdong-Macao, with the aim of deepening cooperation in this medicinal field with China.

China has been one of Cape Verde’s major development partnerssupporting, in addition to health, in several areas, such as social, military, economic housing, technology, security and training of staff in culture.

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