Brussels Motor Show 2023. The first fully electric Abarth

The Abarth 500e was the first to take a public bath during the Brussels Motor Show 2023. This is the perfect opportunity for the editorial team of L’argus to showcase it on video ahead of its arrival in concessions at the start of summer. Entry ticket: EUR43,000, not including bonuses.

The brand-new Abarth 500e is awe-inspiringly showcased on the brand’s booth on the stand at the 2023 Brussels Motor Show. It’s difficult not to notice it due to its vibrant yellow hue named Acid Green. It’s one of the unique features of this car that will be available in French dealers in June. If you think it’s too flashy for you, Abarth is also exhibiting its car in a convertible model with an identical blue shade.

New sporty style for Abarth

On the stand of the brand at the show, it is displayed alongside the Abarth 500e is displayed alongside the Fiat 500e classic. This is an opportunity to point out that the exterior changes are subtle. They are the sharper lower bumper, 18-inch rims on the rear, a diffuser, and that Abarth name. It was inscribed in the grille. The emblem that is the most recognizable of the tuner is the scorpion. The scorpion is visible on the rear flanks, and flashes highlight the scorpion to emphasize the essence and power of motorization in the bombinate. On the road, the Abarth 500e is awed. In particular, its version of launch “Scorpionissima” (EUR43,000 as a coupe; EUR 46,000 convertible) features stunning bucket seats along with aluminum pedals. Alcantara overlays for the steering wheel as well as the dashboard. On the inside.

A little less powerful and heavier than an Abarth 695.

At ease in the installation, there is only one thing we want to hit”the start button. This is a difficult task to do in inside a Salon. However, we knew that the operation is not noticed with the Abarth 500e is now electrically powered. Compared to Fiat 500, the engine is upgraded from 118 horsepower. A power boost of 36 horsepower allows for greater acceleration. However, the electric motor does not seem to have the power to trouble the older Abarth 500 petrol motor. The company claims it will take 7 seconds between 0 and 100 km/h, as opposed to 6.7 seconds for an Abarth 695, which is both more powerful (180 horsepower) and lighter (about 300 kilograms). According to the company”zero emissions” versions “zero emissions,” version will take revenge on time due to the torque that is 235 Nm that is available right away. We will be sure to test during the initial tests set for May.

Fair autonomy

It is the Abarth 500e’s motor that is electric and runs on a lithium-ion battery with a similar capacity to that in Fiat 500e. Fiat 500e (43 kWh). So, there is no wonder that autonomy suffers. The manufacturer promises 250 km within its WLTP cycle, which is 70 kilometers less than the Fiat. In between two speeds, selecting one of the “Turismo” operating modes will be essential, which limits the power output to 136 horsepower and activates the regenerative brake to increase the number of kilometers. This Italian brand is currently working on designing a new chain of traction (motor and battery) to increase efficiency and reduce consumption.

What is the sound?

This is a question everyone who is a fan of the brand ought to be asking themselves. Since the sound of an Abarth 500 is, above all else, an engine that is pleasing to the ears. This is especially true when the car is fitted with the “Monza Record” exhaust that is easily identified through its four outlets. But, there is nothing like this is present on this electronic Abarth 500e. The brand has relied on its fans to design a sound generator that recreates “the legendary Abarth sound.” Another aspect we will be sure to look into before we begin using the new electronic bombinate.

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