Breast cancer: AstraZeneca drug is more effective than chemotherapy


Last Monday (15), AstraZeneca announced the data of its drug, Enhertu, in the fight against breast cancer. As the released report points out, the effectiveness can surpass chemotherapy. The drugmaker also points out that the drug’s safety profile was consistent with previous clinical trials, with no new concerns identified.

According to the report, the drug Enhertu managed to increase the survival time of people with breast cancer (which means that patients had quality of life again) and even reduced the progression of the disease at an advanced stage. To arrive at this information, the researchers conducted experiments on more than 600 individuals.

The team compared the drug’s effects with treatments that are commonly performed in patients diagnosed with breast cancer. In practice, the drug achieved the main objective.

“The study results in this population of patients with advanced disease confirm the previously observed efficacy and safety profile and are consistent with the results observed in our broader clinic. This data further strengthens our confidence in Enhertu and reinforces its potential to transform patient outcomes across multiple care settings,” said Susan Galbraith, executive vice president of oncology research and development at AstraZeneca.

Breast cancer is one of the most common in women.

AstraZeneca drug is more effective than chemotherapy in fighting breast cancer (Image: twenty20photos/envato)

After skin cancer, breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosed in women, but survival rates have increased and the number of deaths associated with this disease is steadily decreasing, largely due to factors such as early detection, a new personalized approach to treatment and better understanding.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer can include lumps, changes in the size, shape, or appearance of a breast, changes in the skin over the breast such as dimples, peeling of the pigmented area of ​​skin around the nipple (areola) or the skin of the breast. breast, redness or pitting of the skin over the breast. It is very important to be aware of the signs and consult the doctor frequently to perform a mammogram.

Source: astraZeneca, NHS

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