Botulinum toxin promises more durability in athletes


Dr. Gabriela Dawson, specialist in minimally invasive procedures, explained how the product works

In very expressive people or practitioners of physical activity, botulinum toxin may have a less lasting effect. This happens because the force applied during the practice of exercises causes the facial musculature to be excessively stimulated. Thus, there is a faster absorption of the substance used to reduce expression lines on the face. However, to avoid this reduced effect, a new brand that appeared on the market promises an alternative.

Athletes tend to have more pronounced expression marks (Photo: Pexels)

Photo: Lance!

Minimally invasive procedure specialist Dr. Gabriela Dawson, who is also a master in aesthetic medicine, commented that for this public there is an indicated medicine, Dysport. According to her, it acts as a neuromuscular blocker, paralyzing the functioning of the muscle to which it was applied. According to the expert, the product still blocks the nerve fibers that control the sweat glands, thus increasing the period of result even in those who practice high-performance sports.

“Dysport Botulinum Toxin has a lower molecular weight if compared to the others on the market. This gives it a faster action and greater diffusion. Its duration is also longer, around five months on the package insert, while the other last from three to four months”, he commented.

One of the patients of Dr. Gabriela is the fitness muse Gracyanne Barbosa. The expert explains that, as Gracyanne practices more intense physical activity, Dysport is the most suitable for her. It is worth remembering that the application is only not indicated for pregnant women, people allergic to egg protein or with autoimmune diseases, according to the biomedical esthetician.

“As the durability of its action is proven to be greater than other brands on the market, in high-performance athletes the benefit is in its effect. In these cases, the result would last around two months with other brands. But when using Dysport , we got a lawsuit that lasted for at least four months”, he concluded.

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