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During the task force, the morphological ultrasound exam was also offered so that the mother can know the sex of the baby.Rafael Barretto / PMBR

Published 10/25/2022 17:59 | Updated 10/25/2022 18:02

Belford Roxo – Belford Roxo taking care of women’s health from January to January. The Women’s Clinic, in partnership with Hospital Fluminense, promoted this Tuesday (25/10), a task force of fundamental exams in the fight against breast and cervical cancer. In all, there were more than 350 breast and transvaginal ultrasound exams. There were also actions of examinations with morphological ultrasound for the mother to discover the sex of the baby.

According to the special secretary for Women’s Health Care of Belford Roxo, Priscila Musser, the appointment of services took place a week earlier at the Clínica da Mulher Professora Fernanda Bichieri. “This collective effort is part of a series of social actions related to the Pink October. We want to reinforce the importance of prevention, as this is how we save lives,” she said. “All the women left here with the result in hand and an appointment with a gynecologist at the Clínica da Mulher to evaluate the exams”, concluded Priscila.

The municipal secretary of Health, Christian Vieira, recalled that the action reinforces care for women. “We are committed to raising awareness, preventing and early diagnosis of breast and cervical cancer in Belford Roxo,” he said. “Our attention is focused on the health of the female population in different age groups. We will serve all of them with quality and efficiency”, concluded Christian.

Sueli Mendes highlighted the service and revealed that she did the mammogram very quicklyRafael Barretto / PMBR

The director of Hospital Fluminense, Leandro Santoro, stressed that partnerships for October Rosa are essential for a positive impact on the health of the municipality. “We are delighted to be able to give up the hospital space and participate in this action through the invitation of Cínica da Mulher. We are united in promoting this prevention effort”, concluded Santoro, who took the opportunity to warn about another task force of bone densitometry and mammography exams at the Nova Aurora Image Center, on Wednesday (26/10).

The resident of Jardim Gláucia, Sueli Mendes, 68, thanked her for the care she received at the unit. “This initiative to carry out the exams is fundamental and helps a lot to take care of our health. I was very well taken care of by everyone and I had the mammogram exam very quickly,” she said. “Don’t be ashamed or afraid, take the opportunity to do it too”, reported Sueli.

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