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Gwyneth Paltrow (Photo: Getty Images)

Gwyneth Paltrow She’s already skinny, but she doesn’t seem to be happy with her weight. According to information from the website RadarOnline, the actress is obsessed with losing weight and worries friends and family with a bizarre weight loss treatment. “She wants to lose another 2 or 3 pounds,” a source told the publication. “Gwyneth is seeing doctor Alejandro Junger, a New York-based bowel cleansing specialist,” she explained.

The method used by him, to boost weight loss, consists of cleaning the colon of the intestine, removing the feces and toxins accumulated in the region. In this way, when consuming fiber-rich shakes and dietary supplements, the body would absorb more nutrients.

The doctor also recently created a 21-day cleansing program, with a special regimen that came to be praised by the actress on her website, goop. “I can assure you he has done wonders,” Paltrow wrote in an affidavit. On Junger’s plan, you can only consume one solid meal a day at lunch, and shakes and supplements for snacks and dinner.

According to the website, experts disagree with this method and think that this cleansing process can do more harm than good to the body. In the case of the actress, friends of hers are even more concerned that she is “wasting away”. “They don’t want her to lose any more weight and they think this idea is absurd. But she is such a fan of this process that she sells the cleaning kits on her website”, added the source.

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