About 200 people participated in the event promoted in honor of the Elderly Day in Torres – A FOLHA TORRES


Almost 200 elderly people participated in the afternoon of this Thursday, September 29, in the event promoted by the City of Torres in the Municipal Week for the Elderly. In commemoration of the Week, the Secretariat of Social Assistance and Human Rights and the Municipal Council for the Rights of the Elderly promoted the initiative with the purpose of contributing to a positive aging process. The program started at 1:30 pm at the Torres Lions Club Hall located at Avenida Riacho, 674. The activity was open to the elderly in general.

The event was opened by the secretary Fábio da Rosa and the president of the Elderly Council of Torres, Ingrid Luciana Emmer. The Secretary of Health, Suzana Machado and councilor João Ninja Negrini also participated in the work, representing the Torres City Council. Secretary Fábio informed that the Week was instituted according to Law 3545 of June 2001, which established the celebration in the last week of September of each year. The objective is to carry out actions that reinforce and value the contributions and rights of this social group, made up of all people over 60 years of age. The event is always celebrated in the last week of September. The United Nations General Assembly designated October 1 as the International Day of Older Persons.

At 1:30 pm, a lecture was given by Michele Vicente Cardoso, from the Nursing course at Ulbra, who spoke about self-care in the aging process. Then, at 2:30 pm, Oficina da Alegria, with Delia Susana Pescio, who talked about the power of laughter, smile and gratitude. All sang and danced and exercised to connect the higher frequencies of the universe, love and joy, according to the vibrational therapist, with an extensive curriculum.

At 3:30 pm, the booths that offered alternative forms of medicine such as Auriculotherapy (or Auriculopuncture) opened, based on the idea that the ear pavilion, or auricle, is a microsystem in which the whole body is represented by a map (seed in the ears). Also Cupping Therapy, a type of natural treatment in which cups are used to improve blood circulation in a part of the body. Also on the shelves were offered some services such as beautification of nails, hair, makeup for women and barber service. (SOURCE – Torres City Hall)

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