2025 Fiat Tipo to be inspired by SUVs to make a fresh look

The next-generation Fiat Tipo will change from a hatchback model to an SUV to accommodate families.

Fiat is planning to make significant changes to the vast Stellantis Group – and the company will make a substantial move to expand its product range by introducing a huge-size family Fiat Tipo to the market in 2025.

It’s an Italian brand seen by many as a shaky giant. Over the past fifteen years, it has struggled to justify the costs to keep its line of compact cars at current. But that will change over the next four years as models like the revived Punto and a wholly redesigned Panda are in the process of being designed and nestled in a plan of production that extends beyond 500.

Today, Fiat CEO Olivier Francois has stated it is part of Fiat’s mission inside Stellantis (which is also comprised of essential producers such as Vauxhall, Citroen, and Peugeot); Fiat is looking to upgrade its Focus and Golf rival Tipo.

“What I love the greatest concerning Fiat is that we’ve set just two objectives to offer urban mobility and affordable family transportation,” Francois said. “The second one is space and room and space for money and innovation regarding the small things that can make life easier when you’re using your car for the entire family.

“This could be described by the name C Seg hatchback or family hatchback and is anticipated to launch in 2025. We’ll have to rid ourselves of the Tipo. I’m not interested in the design of the car. However, it’ll be a step above the standard segmentation, as does everyone else. It’s an SUV but in a completely different manner. “

The images we’ve collected interpret the Tipo as a cross-over model for families, incorporating elements from the more modern Fiats sold out of Europe. This is because the new model needs to be made available to the world and attract people from all over the world across the globe, from Turkey to Latin America, as well as the markets that are traditionally used for family hatchbacks such as Italy, Germany, France as well as the UK. In addition, the model will have to replace three body styles: saloon, standard hatchback, and estate.

“There is no way Fiat will be profitable consistently. It’s currently profitable, but we want it to increase its profits to be more profitable if we don’t join with the European and South American line-ups,” Francois said. “The vehicle that we’ll announce in 2023 (which is expected as an electric vehicle 500Xis European before the Stellaris. The time is needed for these two to come together.

“But we’ll start in 2024, 2025, and 2026. This is my plan for vehicles that have been stalled in their design. We’ll also have a distinct collection. However, it can be electric in one area and then an engine that burns in another, with minor differences. This lets me produce huge quantities from the same base. “

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